The Top 21 JOANN Stores Interview Questions You Need to Know

Getting hired at JOANN Stores, the leading fabric and craft retailer in the US, is an exciting opportunity for any creative person. With over 850 stores nationwide and a thriving ecommerce business, JOANN offers extensive products catering to sewing, quilting, knitting, crafting and more.

As JOANN continues to grow competition for jobs here keeps increasing. Therefore it’s crucial you prepare thoroughly for the JOANN Stores interview process.

In this article, I’ll share the 21 most common JOANN Stores interview questions that you’re likely to encounter. I’ll provide tips and sample answers to help you craft winning responses

Let’s get started!

Overview of the JOANN Stores Interview Process

The JOANN Stores hiring process typically involves:

  • Submitting an online application

  • One or more in-person/video interviews

  • A background check for final candidates

You can expect questions about your skills, experience, availability and customer service expertise. Group interviews with multiple applicants may occur. The process can take anywhere from one week to a few weeks.

Now let’s look at specific JOANN Stores interview questions and how to tackle them smoothly:

21 Common JOANN Stores Interview Questions and Answers

1. Why do you want to work at JOANN Stores?

This question allows you to express your passion for arts, crafts and creativity. Share why you’re excited to work for a company that inspires and empowers creators of all kinds.

Highlight aspects of the role and company that appeal to you. Show your alignment with JOANN’s values and mission.

Sample Answer: I’m truly excited to work for JOANN because this company shares my personal passion for creativity and self-expression. As someone who loves crafting in my free time, I’m drawn to JOANN’s incredible selection of fabrics, sewing notions, yarns, and other DIY materials. I’m inspired by JOANN’s commitment to nurturing makers, quilters, sewists and creators of all kinds for over 75 years. If selected, I look forward to helping customers bring their creative visions to life and being part of the JOANN community. This role is a perfect fit for my interests and I’d be thrilled to contribute my skills in a company that aligns so strongly with what I enjoy doing.

2. What experience do you have in a retail environment?

Hiring managers want to know you can handle the fast-paced retail workflow. Share examples of paid or volunteer retail experience. Highlight skills like:

  • Customer service

  • POS system usage

  • Merchandising/inventory management

  • Cash handling

If you lack direct retail experience, focus on transferable skills acquired elsewhere.

Sample Answer: Although this would be my first official role in retail, I’ve developed many relevant skills through past jobs and volunteering. For example, during my three years as an administrative assistant at a nonprofit, I handled all inventory and merchandise ordering for our gift shop. This required tracking inventory in spreadsheets, liaising with vendors, and processing orders accurately.

Additionally, as a Girl Scouts troop leader, I often manned booths during fundraising events. I have experience handling cash transactions, interacting with customers, and pitching our products enthusiastically. I’m confident I can apply this background to a retail environment like JOANN Stores.

3. How would you handle an upset customer?

Retail employees regularly deal with frustrated shoppers. Interviewers want to see you can calmly resolve issues.

Highlight listening skills, empathy and problem-solving abilities. Share an example of successfully pacifying an angry customer.

Sample Answer: If faced with an upset customer, I would first listen attentively to understand their concerns without interrupting them. I’d apologize sincerely for any inconvenience they experienced. Next, I’d ask questions to get more details if needed. My goal would be to find a mutually acceptable solution based on their feedback.

For example, a shopper once got upset at my nonprofit’s gift shop because an item she purchased broke shortly after. Remaining polite and empathetic, I offered her a replacement product or a full refund. I also thanked her for bringing this quality issue to my attention so I could follow up with the vendor. The customer ended up pleased with how I handled the situation. This experience taught me how patience and empathy can turn frustrated customers into loyal ones.

4. How would you handle a difficult coworker?

JOANN wants candidates who can maintain team harmony. Show you can manage challenging coworker dynamics professionally.

Share how you would communicate directly but respectfully with a difficult colleague. Discuss involving a supervisor if needed.

Sample Answer: I believe in directly but diplomatically addressing issues with coworkers. If faced with a difficult colleague, I would first try to understand their perspective – there may be misunderstandings causing friction. I would ask if we could discuss the issue privately and express my desire to work together harmoniously.

Focusing on resolving conflicts, not winning arguments, is key. If needed, I would request our manager to mediate and find solutions that satisfy both parties. I would also proactively check in with the coworker regularly to ensure our relationship improves over time. My goal is maintaining a positive work environment where the team can thrive, even during conflicts.

5. A customer asks for a product we don’t have in stock. What would you do?

This question tests your problem-solving skills and product knowledge. The interviewer wants to see you can creatively meet customer needs, even with inventory limitations.

Highlight how you would offer suitable alternatives. Discuss following up with the customer once their desired item is restocked.

Sample Answer: If a customer requested a product we don’t currently have in stock, I would first empathize with their situation and apologize for the inconvenience. I’d ask some questions to understand why they need that particular item. Then I would suggest similar products we do have available that could work as substitutes.

For example, if a quilter came looking for a specific floral fabric that’s unavailable, I might show them some comparable patterned fabrics that would coordinate beautifully in their project. I’d focus on ensuring they leave satisfied with an alternative item, rather than empty-handed. Finally, I’d take their contact information and let them know when we receive that floral fabric again. Meeting customers’ needs, even creatively, is crucial for me.

6. How do you stay up-to-date on trends in the arts & crafts industry?

Passion for crafting is crucial at JOANN. Interviewers want to see you go above and beyond just to keep up with trends.

Discuss reading blogs, attending trade shows, taking classes and more. Share how you apply your product knowledge to better assist customers.

Sample Answer: I make it a point to stay updated on the latest trends and newest products in the crafting world through several methods. I subscribe to industry magazines like Craft Industry Alliance. I also follow various bloggers and influencers like Kelly Fletcher and Susan Barmore who share sewing, quilting and DIY trends.

Additionally, I browse top ecommerce sites to see emerging products and bestsellers. Whenever I learn a new technique or discover an exciting new tool, I make a note to mention it to customers looking for fresh ideas. For example, lately I’ve seen
water-soluble stabilizers growing popular for machine embroidery projects. I’m eager to inform shoppers about this product so they can take their creativity to the next level. Staying current on what’s new allows me to provide better recommendations to JOANN’s customers.

7. Tell me about a time you coached someone. What strategies did you use?

JOANN wants leaders who can nurture team members’ skills. Share how you’ve coached someone successfully, whether at work, school or volunteering.

Discuss setting goals, providing feedback regularly, leading by example and more.

Sample Answer: As an assistant coach for a youth basketball team, I had the opportunity to mentor players aged 7-9 and improve their skills. To coach them effectively, I first observed them during drills to identify strengths and areas for growth for each kid.

Then I set individual goals based on these insights. For example, with Katie who was a strong dribbler but needed work on passing, we made targets for her number of assists per game. I modeled passes first so she could learn the form. During games, I gave Katie constructive feedback on how to position her hands and the amount of force needed. Within a few weeks, Katie’s passing improved tremendously, increasing her overall performance. She was so proud when she hit her assist record during one game!

This experience showed me how personalized feedback, goal-setting and leading by example drives coaching success. I’m excited to leverage these proven techniques to develop JOANN’s team members.

8. How would you encourage team members to improve sales?

Retail is all about sales. Interviewers look for training abilities and motivation skills here.

Discuss mentoring employees on product recommendations, inventory awareness, merchandising and more. Share how you’d inspire them to excel.

Sample Answer: I would first ensure all team members have strong foundational knowledge about our products so they can

joann stores interview questions

Jo-Ann Fabrics Cashier Interview Video

Interviewer: Please describe your job title and primary duties. Cashier at Jo-Ann Fabrics: As a cashier, it was my job to check people out as they bought arts and crafts in the store.

Interviewer: What was the work environment like?Jo-Ann Fabrics Cashier: It was very hectic, I’ll say. It was very busy some of the time, and it required a lot of focusing for me. I had to stand on my feet for a lot of the time. But it was also a very warm environment. People were very friendly, and I enjoyed that.

People asking: What was your favorite thing about working there? Jo-Ann Fabrics Cashier: A typical day: clock in, go to the register, check people out, take a fifteen-minute break, and then do it all over again.

Interviewer: Please describe a typical day as an employee. Jo-Ann Fabrics Cashier: I went to Jo-Ann Fabrics. They had job applications on a table outside the front door, so I picked one up, filled it out, and turned it in at customer service. The supervisor then set up an interview.

Interviewer: Could you describe the application and interview process?Jo-Ann Fabrics Cashier: They asked me why I was interested in the job and if I would mind standing for long periods of time, which was one of the physical requirements. They asked me about past experiences, as well.

What questions did the interviewer ask you during the job interview? Jo-Ann Fabrics Cashier: One of the physical requirements was that I had to be able to stand for long periods of time. And then, they asked me about past experiences, as well.

Interviewer: What else would you tell someone looking for work?Jo-Ann Fabrics Cashier: Be open to what positions they have open, because there are a lot of them besides cashier. I guess that’s all I have to say about it.

Ask for a Job Interview at JoAnn’s Fabric Store – Rejection 16


Why should we hire you?

A: When answering, focus on your relevant skills, experience, and achievements that make you the best fit for the role.You should hire me because I am a hard worker who wants to help your company succeed. I have the skills and experience needed for the job, and I am eager to learn and grow with your team .

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