McDonald’s Interview Questions [+Includes Best Answers]

McDonalds Interview Questions and Answers for 2020/2021
  • Why do you want to work at McDonald’s? …
  • Have you ever worked at McDonald’s before? …
  • What do you know about McDonald’s? …
  • Do you have experience in the restaurant industry? …
  • How would you make McDonald’s a better company? …
  • What is your favorite menu item?

7 McDonald’s INTERVIEW QUESTIONS & Answers! (Become a McDonald’s CREW MEMBER!)

9. What is your greatest weakness?

The interviewer is looking to see where your professionalism, as well as your humility in knowing that there’s always room to grow somewhere.

  • I find that I take on many jobs at once, sometimes helping others if I feel that their work is becoming inefficient or they need help, this can lead me to take on more responsibility than I needed to do.
  • I’m a perfectionist in my work, so I am learning how to keep this strong attention to detail, while also being fast and efficient.
  • I love chatting with people and am generally a social person, which leaves me making friends with each customer. I realize there is a balance to be found in keeping the service running smoothly and being more direct, whilst remaining my bubbly self.
  • 12. What communication skills do you have that will aid this position?

    There are many examples here for great skills to list off when asked about communication skills.

  • Friendly, welcoming energy and tone of voice.
  • Strong memory to communicate to customer’s items on the menu and answer questions.
  • Direct, clear, and simple language to be sure all demographics of people can understand.
  • I can speak loudly without shouting so that my team can hear orders and other details I need to express to them.
  • Professional and polite manner kept during conflicts to calm and resolve the situation.
  • 7. How would you deal with angry customers?

    McDonald’s interview questions will also head in the direction of assessing your people skills, like how you handle complaints.

  • Keeping a calm and polite manner, I would first understand that they are not angry with me personally but at the situation.
  • I would ask questions to determine what happened.
  • I would then let the customer know that I can talk to higher management to solve this issue and ask that they wait as I assist them.
  • 3. What hours are you available for shifts?

    McDonald’s interview questions will also cover topics like your availability and intentions for the role. Here are some answers that will suit different circumstances.

  • I am available throughout the weekends and also afternoon and evening shifts.
  • I am flexible with my availability and willing to work as much as you need me.
  • I am open to accepting shifts that are early morning or overnight hours (if 24-hour restaurant).
  • 8. What are your greatest strengths?

    This is your chance to show off your best skills as a worker.

  • I pride myself on my professional and friendly communication skills, with the ability to listen to others and follow directions, as well as speak clearly and confidently.
  • I am excellent at working in a team environment with others to be efficient and effective in service.
  • I enjoy fast-paced work, and my multitasking skills are my greatest strengths in handling many actions whilst being accurate in my service.
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