Cracking the Code: Must-Ask Coding Assessment Questions for Acing Your Interview

In the competitive world of tech hiring, coding assessments have become an integral part of the interview process. These assessments test a candidate’s problem-solving abilities, programming skills, and their understanding of fundamental computer science concepts. One of the most widely used coding assessment platforms is Cod

How I Would Prepare For Coding Interviews (if I could do it all over again)


What questions are asked in Codility test?

Common question topics on the Codility Test include Arrays/Strings (most frequent), Linked lists, Binary trees, Search/Sort, Dynamic programming, and Bit manipulation. While covering all these topics may seem extensive, practicing the most common questions will significantly save you time and effort.

Can I Google during Codility test?

Can I google during the Codility test? You can use websites and books unless instructed otherwise by the recruiter.

Can I use ChatGPT for Codility test?

Technical hiring platform Codility announced a new library of content that mitigates cheating on skills assessments by using ChatGPT. The product will help companies create tests that are ChatGPT-resistant or identify and filter out ChatGPT-solvable tasks.

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