primary school teacher cover letter Examples & Samples for 2024

One thing is constant whether you are sending out resumes to find your first teaching job or looking to move to a new school or district: Without a compelling cover letter, even the best credentials, experience, and passion will go unnoticed. The main rule? Sell yourself the way a publicist would. Cover letters aren’t a time for modesty. They are an opportunity to showcase your successes and demonstrate your enthusiasm for teaching. You can find our best cover letter writing advice, as well as top teacher CV and cover letter examples, below.

As an enthusiastic and dedicated teacher with more than nine years of experience developing lesson plans and teaching classes for students in grades 1-5, I am confident that my background and passion for primary education would enable me to make a significant and positive impact on your school.

Elementary Teacher Cover Letter Examples

Diana, who has a few years of practical experience, provides the first example. She is applying to a school that upholds modern learning principles and emphasizes using technology to improve student outcomes.

Let’s see how she plays it.

Example #1: Experienced Elementary School Teacher Cover Letter

Little Rock, AR 72210

Little Rock, May 19, 2019

18 Mount Olive Road

Little Rock, AR 72210

I was thrilled to see that you were looking for someone like me at Westwood Elementary School. I am an elementary school teacher with seven years of experience working with kids between the ages of 6 and 10. During my employment at Little Rock Elementary School, I was able to introduce the same principles of modern education that you base your philosophy on, and boost test scores 12% in my classes, as well as reduce disruptions by 24%, so I would slot right into your methods

Following my 2011 University of Arizona Elementary Education graduation, I completed a brief internship at the Department of Education. I was in charge of instructing 80 students in grades 1 through 5 every day at Little Rock Elementary School (I have experience leading groups of 3 to 25 students of all elementary ages). When working with kids, I try to introduce solutions that are engaging for them based on the use of contemporary technology rather than using textbooks. I received a $56,000 grant from the state fund to buy teaching resources and kid-sized tablets. Every second day of the month, the entire school participates in an educational field trip to a museum or a theater that I started and have arranged with the neighborhood facilities for free. We hold “Career Days” at least once a month where kids can talk to people in various professions to learn more about what they do. Over the years, more than 50 different professions have been represented, some more than once. My students won first place in the state “Keep an open mind” art competition as a result of the extracurricular activities I coordinated for four weeks in March. By activating students and using multimedia teaching aids, my students results are on average 25% better than in other classes

I’m confident that because of my experience, excellent interactions with kids, and ongoing desire to learn, I’d make a great teacher at Westwood Elementary. I understand that a unique and contemporary approach to education is very important to you, so I would like to benefit from your knowledge and in exchange offer my ingenuity and willingness to put in a lot of effort.

I’m interested in talking with you about how my interactive teaching strategies can improve learning and behavior at Westwood Elementary.

Right away you know exactly who you’re dealing with. A thoroughly organized, modern, and effective teacher. She’s staying after school.

The following illustration comes from a newly qualified person who has only had previous private and babysitting experience.

Example #2: Entry-Level Elementary Teacher Cover Letter

New York, NY 10021

New York, March 1, 2020

New York, NY 10021

I’m writing in reference to the elementary teacher position that was posted on the website of Westgate Elementary School. I was looking forward to this opportunity because your school is regarded as one of the top elementary schools in New York. I would like to share my strong educational background, practical experience teaching 45 kids weekly in private lessons from ages 8 to 14, and demonstrated skills in child care with you as I begin my teaching career. I have babysat 60 kids between the ages of 3 and 14.

When I started working as a babysitter in high school, my love for working with kids really took off. A natural ability to keep the childrens attention, organize their time and explain homework resulted in a two-year internship in the afternoon kid%E2%80%99s club, where I was giving private lessons for 45 children weekly at the age from 10 to 14, boosting their Math standardized test scores by 16% on average I was also studying Early Childhood Education at NYU Steinhardt, where I received a 3 in 2019. 8 GPA. Education studies equipped me with in-depth knowledge of instructional techniques, and child psychology studies helped me to better comprehend and influence children’s behavior. In two years of giving private lessons, I have had 100% retention rate, and the lowest absence rates amongst all staff, assuring me that I have a natural disposition for working with children

I am confident that I can bring the best aspects of working one-on-one into classroom settings at Westgate Elementary given my extensive education and experience.

Can we arrange a meeting to go over the best course of action?

Let’s hit the books.

How to Write an Elementary Teacher Cover Letter

It is more likely to just discourage someone from reading further rather than reflect negatively on you as a person because if your margins are unruly, how are you going to manage 30 kids? Don’t fall at the first hurdle.

Here’s how to avoid failing a cover letter formatting test:

  • ‘Align Left’ all contents.
  • Set even margins on all sides, 1-inch minimum.
  • Match the font to your resume font—no smaller than 10pt.
  • Use 1. 15 line spacing. Leave a line between each section, and between paragraphs.
  • Your cover letter should be no longer than one page.

When copying and pasting from your resume, formatting mistakes are especially likely to occur in the middle of the document.

Let’s look at what to include in your cover letter after you’ve prepared the playing field.

Address Your Elementary Teacher Cover Letter

Include your contact information at the very top of the cover letter address section, matching it to the header on your resume. Do not omit your physical address or phone number. Date, city, and the contact information for the principal or other person handling your application should be written down below.

Check against our template:

Elementary School Teacher Cover Letter Header

[ Your Full Name]

[ Elementary Teacher Title ]

[ Physical Address ]

[ Phone Number ]

[ Email Address ]

[ Department / School Head ]

[ Elementary Teacher / Honorary Titles]

[ Elementary Teacher Department ]

[ College Name ]

[ City and Zip Code ]

Advice from the experts: Avoid including your address at the top and bottom of an email cover letter. Just add your phone and email.

Make twice the impact by using a coordinated resume and cover letter. Make your application materials stand out by utilizing our cover letter generator.

primary school teacher cover letter

Want to try a different look? There’s 18 more. A single click will give your document a total makeover. Pick a cover letter template here.

Say Which Job You’re Applying To and Introduce Yourself

Address the principal by their proper title and surname. In order to persuade readers to continue reading, start your cover letter by emphasizing that you are applying for a position as an elementary teacher. Afterward, connect it to what you can do for them.

You can just replace the [blanks] with your information:

Elementary Teacher Cover Letter Sample: Introduction

Dear [Proper Title] [Surname]:

I’d like to submit an application for the position of [Elementary Teacher] at [School Name]. My [X] years of teaching experience at [Past Institution Names] allowed me to [your most noteworthy teaching accomplishment]. I think I can use this performance to [improve behavior, test scores, etc. ] at [School Name].

Expert Hint: The Bureau for Labour Statistics reports there are over 1.5 million Kindergarten and Elementary School Teachers in the US, but predicts there will only be 3%, or 53 thousand more jobs in 10 years’ time. Polish your elementary teacher resume, and you will be in that group.

Make Your Case

The first paragraph was for attention. The second paragraph is for convincing. You should concentrate on obtaining the best possible results for your students, parents, and other staff members. Check out the school’s website carefully, and write a targeted cover letter that isn’t generic to address the needs and values of the institution.

Try and quantify what you achieve. Score improvements, lower number of incidents, higher satisfaction. Try to recall the creative endeavors you undertook and made a success of, and include them as well.

Sample Cover Letter For Elementary Teacher Jobs: Middle Paragraph

I graduated from [College Name] with my [Degree Name] and a [X] GPA. While there, I discovered a passion for [discuss pertinent coursework if lacking in work experience]. I have had [number] [age groups] students in classes of up to [number] at [previous school name]. I believe in[a modern approach to education/interactive learning/etc. So that the students could [improve at something], I [obtained funding/bought/budgeted for] [learning aids]. I’m interested in children’s growth as well as learning, which is why I’ve [gained certifications, studied child psychology, etc.] ] and can assist [School Name] in enhancing [their desired improvement]

Expert Tip: If your experience and accomplishments are truly lacking, you may choose to strengthen your application by including some extra certifications on your resume and elementary teacher cover letter. You should also obtain an American Heart Association CPR certification.

Explain Your Motivation

The worst scenario is when you suddenly become too innovative, modern, and forward-thinking to work in some schools. Find out what matters to them, talk about those values and objectives with them, and show them that you respect them as well.

Create the impression that this is the only school you are applying to.

Fill in the [blanks]:

Elementary School Teacher Cover Letter Sample: Third Paragraph

I would benefit from working at [School Name] as an elementary teacher because I could use my [special skills] to [accomplish something for the students or the school].

Request An Interview & Leave a Call To Action

If you sign off your cover letter incorrectly, it might end up in the trash. Being overly amiable, enthusiastic, or self-assured can all work against you. Be assertive and specifically request an interview, stressing it with your most compelling case or accomplishment.

Then sign off formally.

Like this:

Sample Elementary Teacher Cover Letter: Call to Action & Closing

When would be a good time to get on the phone or meet to talk about how my [your best, most relevant skill/their most important requirement][skills/experience] can help [Target School Name] accomplish [something important to this school]?

Best Regards,

[Digital Copy of Your Handwritten Signature]

[Your Full Name]

[Phone Number]

[Email Address]

One more cover letter tip. Use active voice and action verbs on your cover letter. It changes “I mentored 20 students” from “20 students were mentored by me.” ” The latter feels more impressive.

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primary school teacher cover letter

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Key Points

When writing your elementary teacher cover letter remember:

  • Proper formatting includes a readable header with all the information, a stylish font, even margins, and spacing.
  • In the first paragraph, mention that you’re applying to be an elementary teacher and your most marketable accomplishment.
  • In the second, elaborate on why you are the best candidate for the job by citing your accomplishments and pertinent metrics.
  • Show how this position is a logical step for you to advance, educate more people, and have an impact on children’s lives.
  • Sign off politely and ask for an interview.

Please leave a comment below if our elementary teacher cover letter sample was helpful or if you have any additional questions about writing a cover letter for elementary teaching jobs.

primary school teacher cover letter

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