Production Manager Interview Questions [Updated 2022]

Youve come a long way. Youve accumulated a significant amount of experience, and now you have a new opportunity within reach. Your cover letter and resume were well-received, and you were invited to interview for a production manager position. These opportunities dont come around very often, so youll want to do your best. One way to increase your chances of success is acknowledging that production manager interview questions tend to be different from the more general questions hiring managers ask when interviewing for other jobs.

Being prepared is the key if you really want to knock some socks off. Its time to dig deep into your mental reservoir of information. Think about your education and how your experience complements it. Be ready to convince the board that youre the right one for the job because working in an industrial environment is your calling. To get specific on some of the most common production manager interview questions, following are a few Q&A samples to get you started.

Interview Questions for Production Managers:
  • Describe a time when your idea improved a process. What impact did it have? …
  • You receive an order with a difficult deadline. …
  • Have you ever worked with contracts? …
  • There’s a day where everything goes wrong. …
  • Describe your experience with creating schedules and reports.

Top 20 Production Manager Interview Questions and Answers for 2022

4. List of Product Manager Interview Questions: Product Prioritization

It is usual for interviewers to ask you about product prioritization. However, these questions do come up every now and again. The main question you can expect is the following:

4 Production Manager Interview Questions & Answers

While managing a line I started to sit in on interviews. Once while the production manager was on vacation I screened some candidates from a temp agency when we were scrambling to replace two workers who suddenly left. While working as a supervisor, our plant had to let someone go and I was asked to provide evidence for the dismissal. Some of my coursework in business administration also helped me to handle turnover from an operational and managerial standpoint.

How would you handle a dispute between personnel?


While managers are primarily in charge of overseeing production operations, those productions are inevitably made up of lots of people and occasional interpersonal conflict is to be expected. When this happens, a manager should be ready to step in and diffuse the situation by showing strong leadership and offering concrete solutions. In their role as a staff supervisor, a production manager needs to have the capacity to smooth things over with effective leadership and decisions that will keep staff motivated to get things back on track.

  • Conflict resolution skills
  • Sympathetic and patient disposition
  • Strong communication and decision-making skills
  • “When two employees have a problem, it’s my responsibility as the manager to step in. I’d want both parties to identify the cause of their dispute to try and find a solution. While I wouldn’t like to resort to it, disciplinary action could be necessary depending on the nature of the disagreement.”


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