Mastering the Real Estate Photographer Interview: Top Questions and Answers

To find a good real estate photographer in Edmonton, AB, who can capture the essence of the property and attract buyers, you should look for someone who is reliable and has high standards. The end result will determine how much you ask for your home and how quickly it sells, so it’s important to pick a real estate photographer who will use the right lighting and equipment to take pictures of the inside and outside of your home.

Some people don’t know how to choose the right real estate photographer for their needs if they’ve never worked with one before. Here are six good questions you should ask a possible real estate photographer to make the process go more smoothly.

Asking these questions during your first meeting with the photographer will help you decide if they are the right fit for you and can go above and beyond your expectations.

1. What qualifications do you have, and do you have the right tools and equipment? Qualifications and training are what set a professional apart from a beginner. Great pictures of your home can be taken by a trained professional with the right cameras, lighting gear, and editing software. This will help you sell the house faster and for more money.

2. Do you offer a wide range of services? Do you shoot videos and drones? Do you do 360 virtual tours with floor plans? Do you shoot at dusk or twilight? Do you pay attention to detail? Only hire them if they say yes to these questions.

3. Do you have any resources that could help me get the house ready for the photoshoot? Ask your real estate photographer if they let their clients download a full checklist that they can use to check their homes before the shoot to make sure they look their best.

4. How timely and cost-effective are your services? The length of the shoot will depend on the size and style of the home. Ask your real estate photographer how long it will take to finish everything and when you can see the results.

5. What is your customer service and support like? It is important to ask a photographer about their customer service and support before you hire them. In an ideal world, you should only have to call them once to be able to make and change appointments quickly and easily. It’d also be great if they could send you reminders for your booked shoots.

6. When you call your real estate photographer, how quickly can they set up your shoot? Do they let you choose a time that works for you? Would you be able to get a shoot in just a few days after calling them? Ask your real estate photographer all of these questions before you sign a contract with them.

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You’re now ready to become a real estate photographer and take beautiful pictures of homes that show them off in their best light. You’ll need to do great in that very important interview before you can start taking pictures. Don’t worry, we’ve got your back!.

This complete guide will give you the information and tips you need to confidently answer the most common real estate photographer interview questions and make a good impression on the business.

Get ready to learn

  • Essential questions and answers to help you shine
  • Expert tips and insights to boost your interview performance
  • Strategies to showcase your skills and passion for real estate photography

Let’s dive into the top real estate photographer interview questions and answers:

1. What do you do for a living?

This is a simple question, but it gives you a chance to make a good first impression.


  • “I’m a passionate real estate photographer, specializing in capturing visually compelling images that highlight the unique features and appeal of properties for sale.”
  • “My work involves collaborating with real estate agents and homeowners to create stunning visuals that attract potential buyers and accelerate property sales.”
  • “I use my expertise in lighting, composition, and post-processing to create high-quality images that showcase the property’s best assets.”

2 How would you describe what you do?

Go beyond simply stating your job title and elaborate on the impact of your work,


  • “I’m not just a photographer; I’m a visual storyteller who helps real estate agents and homeowners tell the story of their properties through captivating images.”
  • “My photographs are more than just pretty pictures; they’re powerful marketing tools that can make a significant difference in the success of a property sale.”
  • “I’m passionate about using my skills to create images that evoke emotions, inspire potential buyers, and ultimately, drive sales.”

3. What does your work entail?

Provide a detailed overview of your responsibilities and daily tasks.


  • “My work involves a variety of tasks, including pre-shoot planning, location scouting, setting up lighting and equipment, capturing high-quality images, and post-processing the photos to enhance their visual appeal.”
  • “I also work closely with clients to understand their specific needs and preferences, ensuring that the final images effectively showcase the property’s unique features and selling points.”
  • “Additionally, I manage my own business, handling marketing, scheduling, and client communication.”

4. What’s a typical work week like?

Give the interviewer a glimpse into your typical schedule and workflow.


  • “My work week is usually a mix of client meetings, location visits, photo shoots, and post-processing work. The exact schedule varies depending on the number of projects I’m working on and the specific needs of each client.”
  • “I typically have a few shoots scheduled each week, and I spend the remaining time editing photos, communicating with clients, and managing my business.”
  • “While the work can be demanding, I enjoy the flexibility and variety that comes with being a freelance photographer.”

5. How did you get started?

Share your journey into the world of real estate photography, highlighting your passion and motivation.


  • “My passion for photography started at a young age, and I’ve always been fascinated by the ability of a photograph to capture a moment in time and evoke emotions.”
  • “I initially started out as a hobbyist, but as my skills developed, I realized I could turn my passion into a career.”
  • “I took courses, attended workshops, and networked with other photographers to learn the ins and outs of real estate photography.”
  • “I’m constantly striving to improve my skills and stay up-to-date on the latest trends in the industry.”

6. What do you like about what you do?

Express your enthusiasm for real estate photography and the aspects that bring you fulfillment.


  • “I love the creative freedom that comes with real estate photography. Every property is unique, and I enjoy the challenge of finding the best angles, lighting, and compositions to showcase its best features.”
  • “I also appreciate the collaborative aspect of the work. I enjoy working with real estate agents and homeowners to understand their vision and create images that meet their expectations.”
  • “Most importantly, I find it incredibly rewarding to know that my work can make a positive impact on my clients’ businesses and help them achieve their sales goals.”

7. What do you dislike?

Be honest about any challenges you face, but frame them in a positive light.


  • “While I love the creative aspects of real estate photography, I sometimes find the post-processing work to be a bit tedious. However, I’m always looking for ways to improve my efficiency and streamline the process.”
  • “Another challenge can be working with clients who have unrealistic expectations or tight deadlines. However, I’ve learned how to manage these situations effectively through clear communication and setting realistic expectations.”
  • “Overall, the challenges I face are outweighed by the rewards of doing work that I’m passionate about.”

8. How do you make money/or how are you compensated?

Discuss your pricing structure and payment terms in a professional and confident manner.


  • “I typically charge a per-project fee, which includes the photo shoot, post-processing, and delivery of high-resolution images. The exact fee varies depending on the size and complexity of the property, as well as the number of images required.”
  • “I also offer additional services, such as virtual staging and aerial photography, which can be added to the project fee.”
  • “I’m happy to discuss my pricing structure in more detail and work with clients to create a package that meets their budget and needs.”

Remember, the key to acing your real estate photographer interview is to be prepared, confident, and passionate about your work. By showcasing your skills, experience, and enthusiasm, you’ll be well on your way to landing your dream job and capturing stunning images that help sell properties.

PHOTOGRAPHER INTERVIEW QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS (How to Pass Photography Interview Questions)


What is the goal of real estate photography?

Capture All Aspects of a Property It’s vital to give all prospective homebuyers the full impression of a listing. This can give them the best possible understanding of a property before they set foot in it. Capture all aspects of a property, including all rooms, landscaping, and floors.

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