The Top 19 Republic Services Interview Questions To Prepare For

Republic Services is a leader in recycling and getting rid of trash in North America. They provide a wide range of services for residential, business, and industrial clients. Here’s a quick overview:

Interviewing at Republic Services? You’ve come to the right place. Landing a job at one of the largest waste collection and disposal companies in North America is no easy feat. With over 18 million customers across 40 states, Republic Services has high standards when it comes to hiring top talent.

Based on what I’ve learned, these are the 19 most common Republic Services interview questions. I’ll provide tips and sample responses to help you craft winning answers. Whether you’re looking for a job as a driver, technician, manager, or in corporate America, these questions will help you get the job.

Let’s dive in!

Overview of Republic Services

Here is a quick review of Republic Services’ history and core values before we get to the interview questions.

Founded in 1996 Republic Services started out as a small waste services company in Arizona. Through numerous mergers and acquisitions it has grown into an industry giant providing recycling and non-hazardous waste collection, transfer, and disposal services.

With over 35,000 employees Republic Services prides itself on its “PEOPLE FIRST” culture. This means prioritizing employee safety, development and satisfaction. The company also has a strong focus on environmental sustainability and community involvement.

During the interview process, hiring managers look for candidates that embody Republic Services’ core values:

  • Safety – Making safety a top priority in everything we do

  • Integrity – Doing the right thing every time, no exceptions

  • Customer Focus – Exceeding customer expectations to deliver an unmatched experience

  • Accountability – Taking personal responsibility for our actions and performance

  • Inclusion – Fostering a diverse and inclusive culture where all employees feel valued

  • Environmental Responsibility – Protecting our planet through sustainable practices

Keeping these values in mind will help you craft winning responses to common Republic Services interview questions.

19 Republic Services Interview Questions and Answers

Here are the top 19 Republic Services interview questions to expect with tips for crafting winning responses:

1. Why do you want to work for Republic Services?

This is often one of the very first questions asked during a Republic Services interview. Hiring managers want to gauge your genuine interest in the company and role.

Sample Answer: I’m excited by Republic Services’ dedication to safety, sustainability, and strong company culture. Having worked in the waste industry before, I truly appreciate how Republic Services prioritizes the wellbeing of its employees while delivering top-notch customer service. The opportunity to be part of a company that makes such a positive environmental impact strongly appeals to me.

2. What do you know about Republic Services?

Interviewers ask this to test your knowledge about the company and how much research you’ve done. Be ready to talk about Republic Services’ key facts, history, services, values and goals.

Sample Answer: Republic Services is the second largest provider of non-hazardous solid waste collection, transfer, and disposal in the United States. Founded in 1996 with just a few trucks, it has grown through strategic mergers and acquisitions to serve over 18 million customers in 40 states and Puerto Rico today. Republic Services prides itself on its commitment to safety, sustainability, diversity, and customer satisfaction. If selected for this role, I would embrace the company’s core values of integrity, inclusion, accountability, and environmental responsibility.

3. Why do you want to work in this industry?

Hiring managers want to know what draws you specifically to waste management and environmental services. Show your passion for the industry.

Sample Answer: I’m drawn to the waste industry because I care deeply about environmental sustainability. Being able to contribute to recycling efforts and reducing waste going to landfills is very fulfilling. I also appreciate that this industry provides essential services that positively impact millions of households and businesses every day. My past experience in waste collection has shown me how vital yet often underappreciated this field is, and I’m excited to grow my career here.

4. What safety precautions would you take on the job?

Republic Services prioritizes safety above all else. Be ready to demonstrate your knowledge of on-the-job safety protocols relevant to the role you’re interviewing for.

Sample Answer: Safety is my top priority on the job at all times. For a driver role, I would conduct thorough pre-trip inspections of my vehicle, wear high-visibility vests, maintain three points of contact when getting in and out of the truck, wear steel-toe boots and other PPE provided, follow safe driving procedures, and promptly report any equipment issues or hazards. I would also make sure to stay hydrated, avoid distractions when driving, and follow Republic Services’ safety policies at all times.

5. How do you ensure a positive customer experience?

Republic Services relies heavily on customer satisfaction. Share examples of how you build rapport with customers and exceed expectations.

Sample Answer: I ensure a positive customer experience by being courteous and professional at all times. I greet customers warmly, listen attentively to their needs, clearly explain our processes, and follow up on any issues promptly. For example, there was an instance where a long-term customer was dissatisfied with missed pickups recently. I apologized sincerely, adjusted their billing, and ensured their next few pickups were on schedule. This turned a negative experience into a positive one and retained their business. I’m committed to delivering 5-star service.

6. How do you stay motivated when the job gets tough?

Waste collection work can be grueling at times due to long hours, heavy lifting, and unpleasant sights and smells. Share how you maintain a positive attitude under pressure.

Sample Answer: To stay motivated on tough days, I lean on the vision and values of Republic Services. Knowing my efforts contribute to sustainability and cleaner communities keeps me going. I also remind myself of the essential service we provide to households and businesses nationwide. Maintaining a positive team environment where we can vent constructively and appreciate humor also helps on difficult days. Most of all, I take great pride in overcoming challenges to get the job done safely and efficiently.

7. How do you handle confrontation or disagreements with coworkers?

Hiring managers want to know you can maintain professionalism and resolve conflicts effectively. Share your strategies for dealing with workplace disputes.

Sample Answer: My approach with disagreements is to always maintain composure and have respectful discussions in private. I start by listening to the other person’s perspective openly. Then I explain my viewpoint calmly and find common ground. If we still disagree, I suggest bringing in a supervisor to mediate. I don’t take confrontations personally and avoid escalating the situation. My focus is on finding solutions, not fueling conflicts, so that we can get back to working cooperatively.

8. Why should we hire you over other candidates?

Use this as an opportunity to highlight your most relevant qualifications and passion for the role. Share why you would be an asset to Republic Services.

Sample Answer: You should hire me because I have over 5 years of waste collection experience coupled with spotless safety records and consistent customer compliments. I’m extremely passionate about the industry and would bring that motivation to surpass expectations daily. In past roles, I’ve been able to boost route efficiency by 15% and maintain a customer satisfaction score of 97% month-over-month. I’m committed to upholding Republic Services’ high standards when it comes to safety, sustainability, and service quality. I would be honored to use my skills to contribute to the company’s success.

9. Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Hiring managers want to gauge your career ambitions and fit for the role. Convey your interest in growing long-term with Republic Services.

Sample Answer: In the next five years, I see myself taking on more responsibilities and developing my skills with Republic Services. I aim to become an expert in my role and share that knowledge by training others. I also have an interest in advancing into supervisory or management positions where I can motivate teams, boost operational efficiency, and help shape best practices. Most of all, I plan to continue embodying Republic Services’ values and making positive impacts on the environment in my daily work.

10. How do you respond to change in the workplace?

The waste industry sees frequent changes in regulations, technologies, and business practices. Share how you are adaptable and open to change.

Sample Answer: I welcome change in the workplace as an opportunity for continuous improvement. I stay positive, embrace new ways of working, and remind my team of the benefits of change. For example, when my previous company switched to automated waste collection trucks, I got certified on the new trucks right away. I also trained my coworkers on the updated safety procedures which ensured a smooth transition. Change keeps our skills adaptable and work exciting. As long as we communicate and cooperate, I know we can get through transitions together.

11. Tell me about a time you failed and what you learned from it.

We all make mistakes, and employers want to know you can reflect on and grow from them. Share an example that showcases your accountability, humility and resilience.

Sample Answer: Early in my career, I failed to properly document a customer complaint per company protocol. Unfortunately, this caused delays in resolving their issue. From this, I learned the importance

republic services interview questions

What are the selection and Interview process of Republic Services?

Republic Services has a selection process that is different for each job (driver, collection worker, customer service rep, engineer, etc.) and location. Here’s a roadmap for what you might encounter:

1. Application: Submit your resume and cover letter through Republic Services’ careers website.

2. Screening and Review: Recruiters will look over applications to find people who have the skills and experience listed in the job description. They’ll focus on skills relevant to the waste management industry and the specific role (e. g. , safe driving record for driver roles, technical skills for engineer roles).

3. Interview Stages (may vary):

  • For some jobs, a phone interview is the first time you talk to an HR representative or hiring manager about your background, why you want to work in environmental services, and your interest in Republic Services’ commitment to sustainability.
  • Interview(s) in person: These may include one or more rounds with hiring managers from the right department (e.g. g. (operations, customer service, engineering, etc.) and maybe even senior management, depending on the job and location Based on the job, here’s what you might face: Driver/Collection Worker Roles: Be ready to talk about your driving record, your ability to safely operate heavy machinery (for some roles), your knowledge of safe ways to handle trash, and your strong work ethic. You might encounter a written or practical driving assessment. Roles of a Customer Service Representative: You can expect to be asked about your experience with customer service, your communication and people skills, and your ability to answer questions and deal with problems that customers have about billing, recycling, and trash collection. Engineer Roles: For these roles, you will probably be asked about your engineering background and the type of engineering you do (e.g., mechanical, environmental, etc.). if needed, technical know-how and an understanding of the environmental rules that apply You may be asked technical questions or be given case studies about how to handle waste or how to be more environmentally friendly.

4. Additional Tests (for some roles): For some technician roles, you may have to take written tests to see how good you are at working with machines, and for customer service roles, you may have to show that you know the basics of the waste management industry.

5. Drug Test and Background Check: Before getting a job offer, most successful applicants will have to go through a drug test and background check.

Tips for Success:

  • Do a lot of research on Republic Services to learn about their wide range of waste management services, commitment to sustainability, and reach across North America. Customize your resume and cover letter to show off the skills and experiences that are most relevant to the job you’re applying for.
  • Get ready to talk about the environmental services industry and how you want to help make the future more sustainable. In the case of driver or collection worker jobs, emphasize any relevant driving experience, customer service skills, technical background (for engineer jobs), or safety commitment.
  • The STAR method (Situation, Task, Action, Result) can help you get better at behavioral interviews.
  • Have a good attitude, work hard, and be willing to learn (this is important for all jobs!). Also, have great communication and people skills (especially for customer service jobs) and pay attention to safety (especially for driver/collection worker jobs).

You can improve your chances of getting an interview and a great job at Republic Services by learning how they choose employees and showing that you are qualified and interested in environmental issues.

How many rounds of interview conducted in Republic Services?

Also, as I said before, the number of interviews you have at Republic Services depends on the job you’re applying for.

Here’s a breakdown of what to expect generally:

  • Most of the time, the first step is a phone interview, followed by one or more in-person interviews at the Indeed website.
  • Additional Rounds Could Happen: More rounds could happen depending on the job and the needs of the company. These could include: A skills test to see how well you match the job requirements; A background check to verify your qualifications and experience.

To get a better idea of how the interview process works at Republic Services for the job you want, here are some tips:

  • Reading the job description carefully on Republic Services’ careers website or job boards is part of the job. They might talk about the typical steps that are taken in an interview for that job.
  • Talk to the Recruiter: If you have a phone interview with a recruiter, ask about how interviews usually work for the job you’re applying for.
  • Online Tools: Read about candidates’ interview experiences on sites like Glassdoor and Indeed. These can help you learn a lot about how Republic Services interviews people for different jobs.

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