Shipt Interview Questions Asked & How To Pass

The eCommerce industry has grown exponentially over the past decade, with popular platforms like Instacart and Amazon Prime dominating the scene.

The last few years have witnessed the rise of another successful e-commerce service, Shipt, which is bringing some serious A-game to the U.S. job market.

In addition to serving over 80 American cities and employing over 40,000 delivery employees (aka shoppers), Shipt continues to grow.

Many of its own customers are even turning to the company for gig work and extra cash.

You might have been interested in this contract role because of the relatively competitive wage, flexible schedules, and other benefits.

Hence why you’re browsing our article on how to get into Shipt’s doors as one of their new shoppers.

Yet how well prepared usually are candidates for Shipt interviews?

Past Shipt-applicants-turned-superstar-shoppers provided tips on how to ace the hiring process, sample questions, and more.

Shipt Shopper Interview QUESTIONS & ANSWERS | Application + Hiring Process | Shipt Shopper Training

1. Submit the online shopper job form

The application is relatively short and requires your basic information and work experiences.

It also includes possibly whether you own a driver’s license, a reliable vehicle, valid car insurance, preferred work availability, years of age, etc.

Afterward, you should receive an email confirmation within one to two business days.

Assuming all goes well, a Shipt recruiter will contact you via phone or email to request an interview and book an appropriate time.

Advice for Passing the Shipt Interview Successfully

Before even applying for any job, it’s important to research a bit about your potential future employer, particularly their mission and values.

The Shipt shopper mantra is “be accurate, be awesome, and be on time.”

In other words, shoppers are expected to be reliable individuals, hard workers, independent, endearing, and disciplined during difficult situations.

Furthermore, to ensure you’re fully prepared, here are our three main interview recommendations:

Give yourself a day beforehand also to ensure you have a working desktop or setup, including fast internet, webcam, and microphone.

Depending on your personal style, two to three days beforehand can also be enough to research common interview questions and answers related to the customer service industry or the specific shopper role, including whether there’s high demand in your city.

You’ll also want to draft your own responses, rehearse alone or with others, refine them for clarity, and time yourself during practice.

Be honest in sharing your greatest accomplishment during the interview by mentioning your learned mistakes that lead to significant improvements.

Also, suppose you are genuinely interested in working for Shipt.

In that case, sincerity will show to the employer by asking the right questions and showing enthusiasm or passion for your own answers.

It goes without saying that a successful interview means a candidate who has done the job research and practiced more times than reading about the company.

You’re not expected to know Shipt’s annual sales growth or all the cities it operates in.

What’s more important is how much time you give to rehearsing the right sample questions and answers.

Do You Have To Do An Interview For Shipt?

No. You only need to perform a video interview and an online test.

What Is the Shipt Interview?

When Shipt Shoppers sign up to drive or shop for the company, they go through a vigorous application process.

As part of this process, they must go through a Shipt interview.

As part of the Shipt interview, the company determines if the applicant and the shopper are good matches.

It takes about 30 minutes or less, and you’ll need to be in a city where the app is available.

How Many Shipt Interview Questions Are There?

There are nine interview questions by Shipt.

The Shipt Interview is made up of three main types of questions: video responses, essay responses, and a multiple-choice section.

  • Multiple Choice: You have 60 seconds to answer each one of four multiple-choice type questions.
  • Essay: Shipt’s written portion of the interview further includes two different essay-type questions. You also have one minute per question.
  • Video Response: There are three video questions in total, each requires you give your response verbally within three minutes.

To help you get started on brainstorming answers and to pass your Shipt interview, find below specific sample questions shared by past Shipt interviewees.

The first four are multiple-choice types, and the last two are essay types.

  • The customer orders one gallon of Horizon Organic Whole Milk, but the store is completely out. They have asked you to make a substitution. Which item do you choose?
  • You are a shopping order, and an item requested is not on the shelves. What is your first move?
  • The customer orders 1 pound of ground sirloin. These are the options you see. Please choose the one closest to the customer’s request.
  • Your order needs to be delivered at 5 PM. It has an estimated shop time of 34 minutes and an estimated drive time of 15 minutes. What time would you arrive at the store to start shopping?
  • What are the top 3 things you look for when selecting the freshest apples in stores?
  • The customer orders one container of organic raspberries. When you go to grab a carton, you notice the only one left has a bit of mold in it. The product manager says that the carton is the last available. What do you text the customer?

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