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I’m writing to the Golden Gate Conservancy to request an interview for the position of special events coordinator. I am a professional with seven years of planning and coordinating event experience. As a freelance events coordinator and planner, I currently help clients plan significant events of all kinds, such as weddings and business meetings.

I am very good at handling all the details, and I enjoy using my creativity throughout each stage of planning. I am an excellent networker, and I am familiar with and have close relationships with many local service providers, including caterers, bakeries, and florists. My greatest talent is assisting clients in realizing their visions. I have received praise for my sincere efforts to learn what the client is hoping for and for keeping in touch with them at each stage of the procedure to ensure that I am on the right track.

As your special events coordinator, I would adore bringing this professionalism and intuitive attention to detail to your team. I am confident that my knowledge, abilities, and experience will be useful to you. In order to schedule an interview and see my portfolio, kindly get in touch with me by phone or email as soon as possible. I appreciate your consideration.

Although there are many opportunities to do so, a job won’t just fall into your lap. Gaining employment requires creating a cover letter that grabs hiring managers’ attention. LiveCareer is here to help you differentiate yourself from the competition.

Event Coordinator Cover Letter — Free Template

Download our free MS Word cover letter template for an event coordinator.

Event Coordinator Cover Letter Example:



[Zip Code]

[Telephone Number]

[Website/LinkedIn Link]

Dear [hiring manager’s name, first name, and title],

I came across your job posting for an event coordinator, and I’m really interested in it. My experience in event coordination and ability to [#1 skill] and [#2 skill] make me the perfect candidate for the job. I am confident that [name of the business/organization] will benefit greatly from my skill set and industry knowledge.

I am very impressed by [list notable accomplishments or qualities you admire about the business/institution] and have some excellent suggestions of my own to contribute. I worked on [insert a successful project or initiative you were a part of], and we were able to [explain the project’s outcome(s)] I am confident that your [mentioned a project or company initiative you are particularly interested in] will cause a stir in the marketplace, and I would be honored to be a part of such a creative team.

I accomplished [describe accomplishment(s) and support it with a statistic, if possible], which improved [discuss the impact this accomplishment had on the organization or company in question]. I most recently participated in [name the relevant workshops, courses, or training you’ve completed] that helped me hone [list the important abilities or beneficial qualities]

I’ve enclosed my resume and any other documents you may have requested, if any. If you enjoy my suggestions, I have a lot more I’d like to share with you.

[Full name]

How to Write an Event Coordinator Cover Letter: $0.00 USD 2 Hours

A step-by-step guide to writing an event coordinator cover letter.

Address the hiring manager by name.

Address the hiring manager or recruiter by name after doing some research on them. This shows effort and initiative. If you can’t find a name, just write “Dear Hiring Manager” in the salutation. “.

Start with a brief introduction.

Tell the reader the purpose of the letter, how you learned about the opening, and why you’d be a great fit for the job in a brief paragraph.

Examine the job description and highlight your qualifications that correspond to the requirements of the position. This will probably be time management and planning abilities for an event coordinator.

Talk about the company.

Find out which projects the company is working on by doing some research on it. Mention these projects in your explanation of why you are interested in working for them. For instance, they might be in charge of planning a significant annual event that you have ideas for.

Outline your experience and skills.

Talk about your current or former position and highlight your accomplishments. Use metrics to demonstrate the results of your work.

Mention continuing skills development.

Describe any workshops or courses you’ve taken to improve your knowledge of your field, such as one on the newest planning software.

End with a call to action.

Make sure the hiring manager is aware of any additional materials required by the job description, such as your CV, resume, or client references, and invite them to get in touch with you if they have any questions.

Sign off with a suitable phrase, like “sincerely,” and your full name. Leave a space above the typed name if you are sending a hard copy of the letter for your handwritten signature.

More Cover Letter Examples:

In your cover letter, explain why you think you are qualified for the position of event coordinator. Mention specific skills and experience you have that are relevant. You should also elaborate on your motivations for choosing that particular employer.

How do I write an event coordinator cover letter?

Our sample cover letter for an event coordinator demonstrates how your letter should be formatted.

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