Cracking the Symmetry Financial Group Interview: 15 Must-Know Questions

Looking to launch or advance your insurance sales career? If so, you’ve probably heard of Symmetry Financial Group. As one of the fastest growing insurance marketing organizations (IMOs) they provide a stellar training platform. Symmetry equips new agents with leads tools, and support to hit the ground running.

But first you have to ace the Symmetry interview Competition is stiff for limited agent spots. So preparation is key

The Symmetry hiring process contains several rounds:

  • Initial phone screening
  • In-person interview
  • Shadow day with leader
  • Final interview with sales director

Questions focus on assessing personality fit, sales drive, and commitment to their distribution model. I recently went through the process myself. In this article, I’ll share details on what to expect, along with tips to help you shine.

Company Overview

Let’s start with some background on Symmetry Financial Group. Launched in 2008, Symmetry has rocketed to become a leading insurance and financial services IMO. Their network includes over 150,000 agents across 50 states.

Symmetry teaches agents how to use warm leads to sell mortgage protection and final expense life insurance. Their proprietary lead-gen system provides a steady funnel of pre-qualified prospects. This enables agents to devote more time to sales rather than lead generation.

Symmetry prioritizes building lifetime client relationships over quick sales. Their distribution model relies on high-touch education and customer service. This long view approach fosters trust and referrals.

Agents have access to ongoing training, mentoring, marketing, and back-office support. Symmetry removes obstacles so agents can hit aggressive income goals.

Why Symmetry Uses Behavioral Interviews

Symmetry’s selection process relies heavily on behavioral interviewing. Questions probe how you’ve handled situations in the past to predict future success.

This approach reflects several recruiting priorities:

Screen for sales abilities – Insurance sales requires perseverance, listening skills, and the ability to educate clients. Behavioral questions reveal these traits in action.

Assess coachability – Symmetry pours resources into training. They need team players open to mentoring. Behavioral questions screen for humility and willingness to learn.

Determine fit – Symmetry’s collaborative culture depends on agents who align with their core values. Behavioral interviews weed out mismatched candidates.

Uncover motivations – Success requires tremendous drive and work ethic. Behavioral questions uncover inner resolve and ambition.

Gauge authenticity – Insurance sales hinges on trust and relationships. Behavioral probes identify genuine team players devoted to client needs.

How to Prepare for a Symmetry Interview

Preparing for a behavioral interview takes time but boosts your chances. Here are some tips:

  • Review your resume – Refresh yourself on key experiences. Know dates, responsibilities, titles, stats, and results stone cold.

  • Research Symmetry’s values – Peruse their website and social media channels. Understand their principles and priorities inside out.

  • Brainstorm likely questions – Review common sales and behavioral interview questions. Jot down possible answers using the STAR method (Situation, Task, Action, Result).

  • Practice aloud – Actually vocalize your answers to get comfortable. Enlist a friend to conduct a mock interview if possible.

  • Prepare success stories – Identify 3-5 specific stories that showcase abilities Symmetry seeks – persistence, leadership, teamwork, accountability, etc.

  • Review your motivation – Solidify reasons you’re attracted to Symmetry’s mission, culture, and opportunity. Aligning values is key.

  • Plan relevant questions – Develop thoughtful questions that show your understanding of their distribution model.

With diligent preparation, you’ll appear natural, thoughtful, and conversational. Now let’s explore some behavioral questions Symmetry often asks:

15 Common Symmetry Interview Questions

Phone Screening

  1. Why are you interested in Symmetry?

    Show you’ve done your homework on their distribution model and values. Tie your motivation directly to aspects of their approach.

  2. How did you hear about this opportunity?

    Be truthful about your referral source. Mention if someone at Symmetry encouraged you to apply.

  3. What appeals to you about insurance sales?

    Emphasize the chance to educate and guide families while building relationships. Connect with Symmetry’s service mindset.

  4. Why should we consider you for this opportunity?

    Summarize 2-3 top selling points: relevant experience, performance results, sales abilities, communication skills, etc.

  5. What is your understanding of Symmetry’s lead generation process?

    Demonstrate your grasp of their warm lead system and how it sets agents up for success.

In-Person Interview

  1. Tell me about a time you demonstrated perseverance.

    Share a story of pushing through roadblocks to achieve a goal. Spotlight tenacity and resilience that drove eventual success.

  2. Describe a time you had to educate someone unfamiliar with insurance.

    Explain how you listened first, then tailored your message to fit their needs simply. Emphasize patience and empathy.

  3. When have you had to win over a skeptical customer?

    Share how you built trust gradually, understood their concerns, and presented solutions thoughtfully. Prove your consultative approach.

  4. Give an example of a team project where you had to persuade others.

    Demonstrate tact, preparation, and powers of influence. Avoid seeming overly pushy or forceful.

  5. Tell me about a mistake you made and how you recovered.

    Choose an example that showcases accountability, maturity, and resilience. Share lessons learned.

Shadow Day

  1. What most excites you about our distribution model?

    Reference aspects you observed first-hand that align with your skills and interests. Convey genuine enthusiasm.

  2. What most surprised you about the day you shadowed?

    Again, share positives here related to their approach. Frame as welcomed surprises rather than negatives.

  3. Do you have any reservations after your time shadowing?

    Answer honestly but tactfully. Follow any concerns with how you believe they can be overcome.

  4. How would you describe our culture after your visit?

    Use words like supportive, collaborative, team oriented, and growth focused. Align with their core values.

  5. Why do you feel you’re a match for our approach?

    Connect your strengths and passions directly to their partnership-first mentality and educational style. Share mutual priorities.

With thoughtful answers rooted in relevant examples, you’ll prove you have what it takes to thrive at Symmetry Financial Group. Best of luck landing your next role in insurance sales!

symmetry financial group interview questions

3 Tips for Symmetry Financial Group SFG Agents (New Agents)


Why work for Symmetry Financial Group?

You will have total ownership, meaning you can take full control of your business, earn both time and money with system-driven income and build a legacy. Additionally, our best-in-class bonus programs have bonuses built around every level of agent, from our partners to those just starting out with Symmetry.

Does Symmetry Financial Group charge for leads?

Symmetry Financial Group is unique in the fact that we are a lead-generating company that does not make a profit off our leads. Instead, we subsidize those leads for our agents so that they can impact more families.

Is Symmetry Financial Group commission based?

Symmetry Financial Group reviews. They will help you pass your test and learn everything you need to know about the life insurance industry. It is 100% commission so your success is dependent on you. It can be hard to get used to communicating on the phone.

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