Top 17 Walmart Management Interview Questions & Answers

Walmart team lead interview questions
  • Why did you choose Walmart?
  • What does the word leader mean to you?
  • How would you calm down an upset customer?
  • How do you handle a difficult customer interview question?
  • How do you answer Describe a time you took the lead on a project?

7 TEAM LEADER Interview Questions and Answers (PASS GUARANTEED!)

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23 days to go

walmart team lead interview questions

Please tell us more about your managerial experience.

Obviously you can find yourself in a variety of situations here. Maybe you have no previous managerial experience. In such a case, try to at least explain how you dealt with some “managerial” duties in your previous job, or at least how you had to manage your own time and schedule at work. Lacking experience, the most important thing is to show confidence in your abilities to handle the job. Maybe you haven’t managed any operation up to this point. But you did this and that, you’ve been in retail for long enough, understand the job description, and believe to have what it takes to do the job well.

When you have managerial experience, try to pick things especially relevant for Walmart. Think about your future job for a while. What kind of people will you manage, how your day will look like, what problems you may face. And now compare it with what you did in your previous managerial roles, and explain it to the interviewing panel.

I also suggest you to focus on achievements, and to use numbers while describing your previous managerial experience. It just makes your words easier to imagine, and numbers also help with credibility. For example:

walmart team lead interview questions

Reliance Digital Interview Rounds and Process HR

walmart team lead interview questions

Question 5.: If another co-worker were gossiping about someone else something which was untrue, how would you react?

Hint: Managers at Walmart do not want you to solve the problems of other employees. They want to hear that you focus on your job, and that you do not care about gossips at the workplace. They also prefer to hire employees who do not gossip.

Good answers:

I would simply answer it was not true and continue working. Gossips will always be present, and we have to accept them. However, I need to focus on my job, and have no time to think about the gossips of the others.

It is their opinion. I always try to have good relationship with my colleagues, and do not care about the gossips. I try to be friendly to everyone, but if other people can not get along each other, it is their problem, and I can do nothing about that.

walmart team lead interview questions

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