Top 20 Bank Teller Interview Questions (Example Answers Included)

Interview Questions for Bank Tellers:
  • Why do you want to be a bank teller? …
  • Are you comfortable working with large amounts of money? …
  • Name one ethical dilemma you faced in your last job. …
  • Why did you choose our bank? …
  • Have you ever worked at a bank before? …
  • What banking products do you personally use and why?

BANK TELLER Interview Questions And Answers!

Can you tell me about the extent to which you’ve handled large amounts of cash?


Bank tellers deal directly with customers’ cash and need to be quick in counting the cash and transparent about how they handle the money. The last thing your organization wants is a customer filing a complaint about your bank tellers not being transparent about how they handle cash transactions. The candidate should be comfortable working with cash and understand the importance of double checking all cash in front of customers.

What to look for in an answer:

  • Be comfortable handling cash
  • Have a good sense with numbers
  • Be diligent and detail-oriented in their work
  • “I worked as a cashier for my local supermarket where I handled numerous cash transactions every day without ever making a mistake.”


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    Are you comfortable working with large sums of money?

    For some people, the idea of working with a lot of money can be daunting. I have never understood this particular aversion. As a cashier at a gas station, I had to handle some money, but of course there will be more money coming through a bank. I never had an issue with the money-handling. I am good at math, so I was able to consistently give back accurate change. I think it is important to really take your time when you are handling large amounts of money so you can ensure you are doing everything accurately and not allow yourself to get flustered. Certain customers enjoy talking during the process, but I never found the conversations distracting from what I was supposed to be doing with the money when I worked at the gas station.

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