Top 27 SDLC Interview Questions and Answers (2022 Update)

SDLC Interview Questions
  • What is SDLC?
  • What is the importance of the SDLC process?
  • Explain the phases in a typical SDLC process briefly.
  • Explain the types of SDLC models.
  • What is SRS?
  • What is a Feasibility Study?
  • What is the testing phase in the SDLC model?
  • Which SDLC model is best and Why?

30 Most Frequently Asked SDLC Interview Questions and Answers

3. How many phases are there in the SDLC process?

SDLC process is involved to develop software in a systematic way. So, the SDLC process has a total of 6 phases including –

  • Planning or Requirement Gathering
  • System Design
  • Development
  • Coding
  • Testing and
  • Maintenance
  • 9. What is the purpose of the design phase?

    In this phase, the previously made SRS is used to change into a logical structure that needs to be implemented following a particular programming language. Designing a system helps to specify hardware and system requirements in terms of system architecture. As the output of this phase, a design document will come out in order to act as input for further process.

    20. What does it mean by BRS in SDLC?

    BRS stands for Business Requirement Specification. Clients deliver specification to the software development company and then SDLC planning team convert this specification into SRS as per the need of the software.

    sdlc interview questions

    Capability Maturity Model is a benchmark for analyzing the maturity of an organization’s software development process. It is a technique which is used to refine a company’s software development process. It is using to assess any company against a scale of five different levels of levels based on their Key Process Areas. It tells about the maturity of the company based on the project the company is dealing with and the clients.

    The requirements is specified in the form of a document. It is then converted into a logical structure which needs to be implemented in a specific programming language. The design phase is also helpful for specifying hardware & system requirements. It also allows defining complete system architecture. The output is designed to document that acts as an input for all the subsequent SDLC phases.

    The scope of the project is nothing but, the goals, objectives, and expectations of the project. Software scope is a well-defined boundary, which includes all the process which are performed to develop and deliver the software product. The software scope consists of all functionalities and artifacts to be delivered to the software system. The software scope also helps to identifies what the system will do and what it will not do.

    10. What is the purpose of the coding phase?

    In this phase, the designed document that is made in the design phase will be converted into an executable programing language. As output, source code is considered and this source code will work as input in the next phase i.e. testing.

    1) What is SDLC? What is the SDLC process?SDLC is an abbreviation for “

    sdlc interview questions

    18. What are the different types of prototype models?

  • The Patch-Up Prototype
  • Nonoperational Prototype
  • First-of-a-Series Prototype
  • Selected Features Prototype
  • 17. Explain the spiral model in brief.

    The spiral model is just like the iterative model but incorporates risk analysis. It consists of 4 different phases including planning, risk analysis, engineering, and evaluation. In each development, the software will pass through these four phases in iterations (also called spiral). This model is a combination of prototyping and waterfall models.


  • This model is not suitable for low risk analyzed projects.
  • It is difficult to define aims and variable milestone.
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