Top 30 GCP Interview Questions And Answers [2022]

Here is a List of essential GCP (Google Cloud Platform) Interview Questions and Answers for Freshers and mid level of Experienced Professionals. All answers for these GCP (Google Cloud Platform) questions are explained in a simple and easiest way. These basic, advanced and latest GCP (Google Cloud Platform) questions will help you to clear your next Job interview.

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12. What are the various components of the Google Cloud Platform?

The various GCP components are:

  • Google Compute Engine
  • Google Cloud Container Engine
  • Google Cloud Storage
  • Google Cloud App Engine
  • Google Cloud Dataflow
  • Google Cloud Machine Learning Engine
  • Google BigQuery Service
  • Google Cloud Job Discovery
  • Google Cloud Endpoints
  • Google Cloud Test Lab
  • 6. Mention platforms that are used for large-scale cloud computing?

    The platforms that are used for large-scale cloud computing are Amazon Web Services, Azure, Google Cloud Platform, and more.

    16. What are the libraries and tools for cloud storage on GCP?

    JSON API and XML API are at the core level for the cloud storage on Google Cloud Platform. But along with these, Google also provides the following to interact with the cloud storage.

  • Google Cloud Platform Console to perform basic operations on objects and buckets
  • Cloud Storage Client Libraries that provides programming support for various languages
  • Gsutil Command-line Tool provides a CLI for the cloud storage
  • There are also a number of third-party libraries and tools like Boto Library.

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    Virtualization makes it possible to create operating systems, virtual versions of storage, networks, applications, etc. With the right virtualization, we can increase the existing infrastructure. Multiple applications and operating systems can be executed on existing servers.

    Scalability is a cloud computing feature that enables it to adapt to growing workloads by scaling up the capacity of resources. The architecture utilizes scalability to provide on-demand resources when traffic expands the need. Meanwhile, Elasticity is a property which enables the dynamic commissioning and dismantling of huge quantities of resources. It is based on the level of availability of resources and how long they are used.

    Google App Engine and Google Compute Engine benefit one another. Google Application Engine is a PaaS service, whereas GCE is an IaaS service. GAE is widely used to power mobile backends, web-based apps, and line-of-business applications. Computs Engine is a great option if we need more control on the underlying infrastructure. Compute Engine, for instance, can be used to build a customized business logic or execute our own storage system.

    EUCALYPTUS stands for “Elastic Utility Computing Architecture For Linking Your Program To Useful Systems”. This is a free architecture for cloud computing software which is employed to build cloud computing clusters. It provides private, public, and hybrid cloud services.

    Different methods are available for Google Compute Engine API authentication:

  • Using OAuth 2.0
  • Through client library
  • Directly with an access token
  • The following are a few of the key open-source cloud platforms:

  • KVM
  • Docker
  • OpenStack
  • Apache Mesos
  • Cloud Foundry
  • Two parameters that are used to identify a project are the project identifier and the project number. These two can be distinguished as follows:

    When a project is created, automatically the project id for it will be created automatically, while the project number will be created by the user. The project number is mandatory and mandatory, whereas the project ID may be optional for the services, but the project ID is a must for the Google Compute Engine.

    To ensure that the cloud data is secure, verify that the encryption key used along the data you provide does not leak data since it moves from point A to point B on the cloud.

    There are multiple components to a cloud which can be complex. The system integrator is the strategy in the cloud which makes it possible to design the cloud, the integration of the different components for the creation of a hybrid or private cloud network, amongst others.

    The projects are the containers which organize all the resources of Google Compute. They form the realm of compartments and are not designed to share resources. There may be different users and owners of projects.


    All the above are the frequently asked Interview questions related to the Google Cloud Platform. Learning these questions will boost your knowledge of Google cloud and will help you to clear your Interview easily. We hope you find these questions are helpful for your preparation. In case you could not find any answer to a question you are searching for, you could comment on the question in the comment section. We will revert with the answer.

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