Conquering the VMware Interview: Top 30 Questions and Answers for 2024


Top 30 VMware Interview Questions And Answers | How To Crack VMware Interview – MindMajix


How many rounds of interview are there in VMware?

The interview process at VMware is similar to most companies. Here, the interview takes place in three rounds. These include a telephonic interview, a technical interview round, and an HR interview round.

What is the difference between HA and FT in VMware?

VMware HA is suitable for workloads where short periods of downtime are acceptable and can be tolerated. It’s a cost-effective solution that provides rapid recovery for VMs. VMware FT, on the other hand, is designed for applications that demand continuous, uninterrupted operations.

What is the difference between reset and restart guest in VMware?

You can perform a restart operation on a virtual desktop, which performs a graceful operating system restart of the virtual machine. You can perform a reset operation on a virtual machine without the graceful operating system restart, which performs a hard power-off and power-on of the virtual machine.

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