Top 32 Tableau Interview Questions and Answers for 2024 (Must Read

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Why are you interested in Tableau?

Tableau provides users with many helpful data analysis and visualization features, such as real-time analysis, data blending, and collaboration capabilities. It allows Data Analysts to manipulate live datasets and devote their efforts more to analysis rather than data wrangling.

What is the weakness of Tableau?

There is no option of scheduling in Tableau. Therefore, there is always some manual effort required when users need to update the data in the back-end. Tableau is not a complete open tool. Unlike other tools like Power BI, developers can create custom visuals that can be easily imported Tableau.

Where is the first place you should go for help with Tableau questions?

The Tableau Community Forums is a place to get your Tableau questions answered, collaborate with others and a space to help you get the most out of Tableau.

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