Top 34 Data Engineer Interview Questions and Answers for 2022

Data Engineer Interview Questions for Freshers
  • What is Data Engineering? …
  • What is Data Modeling? …
  • What are the design schemas available in data modeling? …
  • What is the difference between a data engineer and a data scientist? …
  • What are the differences between structured and unstructured data? …
  • What are the features of Hadoop?

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13. What is your approach to developing a new analytical product as a data engineer?

The hiring managers want to know your role as a data engineer in developing a new product and evaluate your understanding of the product development cycle. As a data engineer, you control the outcome of the final product as you are responsible for building algorithms or metrics with the correct data. Â

Your first step would be to understand the outline of the entire product to comprehend the complete requirements and scope. Your second step would be looking into the details and reasons for each metric. Think about as many issues that could occur, and it helps you to create a more robust system with a suitable level of granularity.

28. Given a table of employees and departments, write a query to select the top 3 departments with at least 10 employees. Rank them by the percentage of employees making $100,000+.

This question is an example of a multi-part logic-based SQL question that data engineers face. With this SQL question (see a solution here), you need:

  • Calculate the total number of employees that are making $100,000+ by department**. This means that we’re going to have to run a GROUP BY on the department name since we want a new row for each department.
  • Formula to differentiate employees making $100,000+ vs. those that make less. What does that formula look like?
  • 7. Why are you interested in this job, and why should we hire you?Â

    It is a fundamental question, but your answer can set you apart from the rest. To demonstrate your interest in the job, identify a few exciting features of the job, which makes it an excellent fit for you and then mention why you love the company.Â

    For the second part of the question, link your skills, education, personality, and professional experience to the job and company culture. You can back your answers with examples from previous experience. As you justify your compatibility with the job and company, be sure to depict yourself as energetic, confident, motivated, and culturally fit for the company.Â

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    16. What challenges came up during your recent project, and how did you overcome these challenges?

    Any employer wants to evaluate how you react during difficulties and what you do to address and successfully handle the challenges.Â

    When you talk about the problems you encountered, frame your answer using the STAR method:

  • Situation: Brief them about the circumstances due to which problem occurred.
  • Task: It is essential to elaborate on your role in overcoming the problem. For example, if you took a leadership role and provided a working solution, then showcasing it could be decisive if you were interviewing for a leadership position.
  • Action: Walk the interviewer through the steps you took to fix the problem.Â
  • Result: Always explain the consequences of your actions. Talk about the learnings and insights gained by you and other stakeholders.
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