Conquer Your JIRA Interview: Top 35 Questions and Answers (2024 Update)

Are you gearing up for a JIRA interview? Look no further! This comprehensive guide will equip you with the knowledge and confidence to ace your interview and land your dream job. We’ve curated the top 35 JIRA interview questions and provided detailed answers to help you stand out from the competition. Get ready to impress your potential employers with your in-depth understanding of this powerful project management tool.

Understanding JIRA

Before we dive into the questions, let’s briefly explore what JIRA is and why it’s so important. JIRA is a widely-used issue tracking and project management software developed by Atlassian. It’s a robust tool that helps teams streamline their workflows, track bugs, manage tasks, and collaborate effectively.

JIRA Interview Questions for Freshers

  1. What is JIRA?
    JIRA is an issue tracking product or software tool developed by Atlassian. It is commonly used for bug tracking, project management, and issue tracking, and is entirely based on these three aspects. It is widely used in software development and software testing.

  2. What is a workflow in JIRA?
    A workflow is defined as the movement of a bug/issue through various stages during its life cycle, such as Created/Open, Work In Progress (WIP), and Completed/Closed.

  3. What can be referred to as an issue in Atlassian JIRA?
    In JIRA, an issue can be anything like a software bug, a project task, a help-desk ticket, or a leave request form.

  4. List out the source control programs with which JIRA integrates.
    JIRA integrates with source control programs such as CVS, Git, Subversion, ClearCase, Visual SourceSafe, Mercurial, and Perforce.

  5. Why use JIRA software?
    The reasons behind using JIRA include its upfront and fair licensing policy, features not available elsewhere, the ability to get the latest update on the progress of projects, its platform independence, and its easy extensibility and customizability.

  6. Is it possible to access the JIRA cloud site via a mobile device?
    Yes, it is possible to access the JIRA cloud site via a mobile device by using the URL of the JIRA cloud site in your mobile web browser.

  7. Can you disable JIRA mobile for the site?
    Yes, you can disable JIRA mobile for the site so that users cannot operate the desktop view of JIRA on their mobile devices. JIRA mobile comes as a system add-on and can be disabled at any time.

  8. Explain labeling and linking issues in JIRA.

    • Labeling Issue: This feature enables you to categorize an issue in an informal way, rather than assigning it to a component or version. You can then search for issues according to the label.
    • Linking Issue: This feature enables you to link an association between two issues on either the same or different JIRA servers.
  9. Name the types of reports generated in JIRA.
    JIRA offers various reports that show statistics for projects, versions, people, or other fields within issues. Some of the reports included with JIRA are Average Age Report, Pie

Top 20 Jira Interview Questions and Answers for Freshers 2023 | Jira Interview Questions|Simplilearn


How do you explain JIRA in interview?

Jira is a project management tool, that provides a platform that is mainly confined to tracking issues, finding bugs, and the progress of projects under development. Jira is developed by Atlassian, Inc an Australian firm. Note: There is no defined abbreviation for JIRA.

Which 2 types of Kanban boards can be created in JIRA?

Kanban board in Jira is quick to set up, doesn’t require much planning, and does have loads of functionalities similar to Scrum. Columns, WIP limits, and Commitment Points are some crucial elements Kanban provides. There are two types of Kanban boards,physical boards and digital boards.

What is the purpose of tracking security stories in JIRA?

Jira is used to create tickets for tracking progress on the response process for security incidents (potential and actual) from start to finish. Bitbucket is used in instances where we develop code-based solutions for responding to certain edge-case problems that arise with certain incidents.

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