Acing the Performance Testing Interview: Top 35 Questions and Answers for 2024

As software applications become increasingly complex and user expectations for speed and reliability grow, performance testing has emerged as a

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How do you introduce yourself in a performance test interview?

During the last 2 years I have been involved in 3 projects where I was a part of testing team. I have good knowledge of manual testing, functional and non-functional testing. I have also done performance testing using Load Runner tool. I am very proficient in writing test cases, documenting and defect reporting.

Can you describe any experience you have with performance testing what tools have you used for performance testing?

To find bottleneck situation in performance testing the testers usually use Load Runner because it supports many different types of monitors like a run-time monitor, network delay monitor, web resource monitor, database server monitor, firewall monitor, ERP server resources monitor and Java performance monitor.

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