Cracking the React Native Interview: Top 50 Questions with Answers

Are you preparing for your dream React Native interview? Look no further! This comprehensive guide covers the top 50 React Native interview questions, along with detailed answers, to help you ace your interview and

Top 50 React Native Interview Questions & Answers for 2021


What is JSX in React interview questions?

JSX: JSX is a JavaScript syntax extension. It is utilized with React to specify how the user interface ought to seem. We can write HTML structures in the same JavaScript code file using JSX. Components: Any React application is built from components, and a single app often comprises of several components.

What is component in React interview questions?

Components are the building blocks of a React application’s UI. These components split up the entire UI into small independent and reusable pieces. Then it renders each of these components independent of each other without affecting the rest of the UI.

What is props in React interview questions?

React Props Every React component accepts a single object argument called props (which stands for “properties”). These props can be passed to a component using HTML attributes and the component accepts these props as an argument. Using props, we can pass data from one component to another. Note- Props are read-only.

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