Ace Your Ansible Interview: Top Questions and Answers for 2024

As the demand for DevOps professionals continues to rise, proficiency in configuration management tools like Ansible has become a highly sought-after skill. Ansible, known for its simplicity and agentless approach, is a popular choice among organizations looking to streamline their IT infrastructure operations. If you’re preparing for an Ansible interview, this comprehensive guide will equip you with the most commonly asked questions and expert-approved answers to help you stand out from the competition.

1. What is Ansible, and why was it introduced?

Ansible is an open-source configuration management and automation tool used for provisioning, deploying, and managing IT infrastructure and applications across diverse environments. It was introduced to create and manage single-page applications, bringing structure, consistency, and scalability to web applications.

Ansible is written in Python and utilizes YAML syntax, making it easy to learn and write scripts. Its agentless architecture means there is no need to install additional software on the target systems, reducing overhead and simplifying the management process.

2. What are the key features of Ansible

Ansible Interview Questions and Answers | Ansible Interview Questions and Answers for Experienced


What is Ansible in DevOps interview questions?

Ansible is a configuration management system. It is used to set up and manage infrastructure and applications. It allows users to deploy and update applications using SSH without the need to install an agent on a remote system.

What are the main components of Ansible Tower Mcq?

Ansible automation engine is the main component of Ansible, which interacts directly with the configuration management database, cloud services, and various users who write playbooks to execute it.

Can handler files be encrypted by vault state True or false?

File-level encryption json . Role variables and defaults are also included. Ansible tasks, handlers, and so on are also data so these can be encrypted with vault as well. To hide the names of variables that you’re using, you can encrypt the task files in their entirety.

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