Top Interview Questions for Medical Scribes

Medical Scribe Interview Questions
  • Why do you want to be a medical scribe? …
  • How did you hear about medical scribing? …
  • What do you think a medical scribe does? …
  • What medical experience do you have, if any? …
  • What are 3 strengths you have? …
  • Describe a time you had to work with a team. …
  • Describe a time you had to be a leader.

Top 20 Medical Scribe Interview Questions and Answers for 2022

26. Why Did You Leave Your Previous Role

The interviewer wants to know why you had to quit your job and apply for a position in their facility. Talk about what made you leave your previous workplace. It would be best if you did not criticize your previous employer or staff.

Sample Answer

In my previous role, I had been employed on a four-year contract which was actually renewable, but I decided not to renew it. The reason why I did not do it is that I also wanted to learn new skills from new places and meet other people in my career too. Also, I wanted to change my working environment to avoid a lot of boredom at work which can have a negative impact on my performance. It’s good to change environments. I hope that I will get a chance to work in this new environment, learn from you, and meet many people in my career as well.

16. This Job can be Very Stressful. How Do You Normally Handle Stressful Situations?

The situations of your patients can make this job even more stressful. You will meet patients with chronic pain, confusion, or high blood pressure, which may have a significant toll on your mental health. Therefore, you should be aware of everything that may stress you in this position and have a way of dealing with them.

Sample Answer

Having been in this field for some time, I understand that there are several stressful situations I will be exposed to. However, I have some coping strategies that come in handy. I have learned the art of taking a deep breath and controlling my heart rate, which increases my focus. I also stay aware of my surroundings to keep safe and also help patients as fast as possible. Lastly, I took up yoga and meditation, which helps me deal with stress.

21. Give Us Five Importance Of Using Scribes In The Hospital.

Your interviewer wants to know whether you know the reason why you are in this role. It would be best if you talked about the importance of scribes and how they are effective in the medicine area.

Sample Answer

Scribes are very important in the medical field. They help physicians and other specialists that are attending to a patient. The five importances among the many are;

i) Increase efficiency and productivity by reducing the documentation burden where a physician will waste a lot of time taking notes instead of attending to other patients

iii) Reduce waste of time patients waiting to be attended to for many hours if not minutes.

iv) In a case where a physician wants to refer something or information said by the patient as it was, scribes would help in reference

I would pick those as the first importance of using scribes in health facilities.

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