Top SharePoint Interview Questions & Answers 2022

SharePoint Callout is one of the latest technology in SharePoint 2013 that is used to make a several types of commands on the SP list like adding new item, update and make a site navigation links, in simple words, it’s a list of commands in one capsule. SP callout is used to apply multiple action and navigation on SP list, without browsing inside the SP list itself. The user can append a new record to the SP list without the need to open the default add new SP list item dialog box. This will make the data updating method faster and flexible.

SharePoint Interview Questions and Answers
  • 1) What do you know about SharePoint? …
  • 2) What are the important features of SharePoint? …
  • 3) Why do we use SharePoint? …
  • 4) How many versions of SharePoint are available? …
  • 5) What is the difference between SharePoint 2016, SharePoint 2019, and SharePoint Online?

48 SharePoint interview questions and answers

15. What do you understand about SharePoint farm?

Simply said, a SharePoint farm is a group of servers that collaborate to fill SharePoint responsibilities and make SharePoint function. If youre unfamiliar with the concept, consider roles to be separate jobs that each demand specific talents. When youre ready to install SharePoint, you assign one or more roles to each server on your farm.

A team working together toward the same objective is a good illustration of roles. Consider a restaurant staff. In a restaurant, the host seats customers, the waiter takes their orders and eventually delivers their meal, and the kitchen crew prepares the food. If the host is removed, the patron will never be seated. When a waiter is lost, the customer is unable to place an order, eat, or simply receive a poor glass of water.

Of course, one person may fulfil all of those tasks — for example, at a small coffee shop, where the person behind the counter takes your order, advises you to sit wherever you choose, and then butters and delivers your toast. This only works if the venue isnt too crowded since that one individual would quickly become overwhelmed. Your farm servers operate in the same way, with a single server capable of performing all duties or spreading them across numerous servers for improved performance.

There are three roles in SharePoint (formally defined in the SharePoint installation wizard alongside a few new roles in SharePoint Server 2016).

They are as follows: The Web Front End (WFE), Application Server, and Database Server.

60. What is the ideal location to initialize new controls while creating a WebPart?

Override the CreateChildControls method to initialize new controls. Also, you can control the exact rendering by calling the Render method in web parts.

7. What are the advantages of service applications over SSP?

The key limitation of the SSP architecture was that it was configured by using a set of services, and all web applications associated with the SSP bore the overhead of all the services even if they weren’t being used. To change the service configuration for a particular web application, a new SSP would have to be created.

The service application architecture, on the other hand, allows a set of services to be associated with a given web application and a different set of services to be associated with another web application. Also, the same service application can be configured differently in different web applications; therefore, websites can be configured to use only the services that are needed, rather than the entire bank of services.

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