Ace Your Under Armour Sales Associate Interview: The Top 25 Questions You Need to Prepare For

Under Armour is a thriving sportswear giant renowned for its innovative designs, high-performance products, and empowering work culture. Did you know they were founded by a former University of Maryland football player?.

As an aspiring sales associate at Under Armour you know landing an interview is just the first step to getting hired. The real challenge lies in answering the interview questions in a way that convinces the hiring manager you have what it takes to succeed in this fast-paced retail role.

To help you put your best foot forward, we’ve compiled a list of the top 25 most commonly asked Under Armour sales associate interview questions along with tips on how to craft winning responses. Read on to get the inside scoop and ace your upcoming interview!

Sizing Up Your Fit With the Company Culture

Under Armour places immense value on their high-performance brand image and company culture. Therefore, expect interview questions aimed at determining if you’re a cultural fit:

What do you know about the value of the Under Armour brand and how does that affect your job as a Sales Associate?

This question checks how much you know about the company and how well you can match your values with theirs. In your interactions with customers, stress how you’ll reflect their focus on new ideas and giving athletes more power.

Q: How would you leverage your knowledge about sportswear and athletic equipment to drive sales at Under Armour?

Showcase your ability to apply product knowledge to solve customer problems and enhance their shopping experience. This skill is key to making persuasive recommendations that boost sales.

Q: Given that Under Armour has a diverse range of products, how would you ensure you maintain up-to-date product knowledge?

Demonstrate proactiveness in learning about new product launches through training programs, company updates, and hands-on product testing. Well-rounded knowledge is vital for providing excellent service.

Q Considering Under Armour’s commitment to innovation can you discuss a time when you introduced a new idea or approach in a past sales role?

Under Armour wants forward-thinkers. Share an example of how you improved processes or strategies with creative solutions, proving you can enhance their sales approaches.

Customer Service and Sales Scenarios

Providing an exceptional shopping experience and driving sales are pillars of the sales associate role. Get ready for situational questions testing your approach:

Q: What strategies do you recommend for improving customer engagement in the context of selling sports apparel?

Showcase creativity in enhancing engagement through personalized marketing, social media campaigns, and expert in-store staff. Your ideas should align with understanding customer needs.

Q: If a customer is unsure between two types of running shoes we offer, how would you assist them in making the right choice?

Highlight your approach of asking probing questions, assessing needs, and making data-backed recommendations. It reflects your customer service skills and product knowledge.

Q: How would you handle a situation where a popular Under Armour item is out of stock and a customer insists on buying it?

Convey your tact in delivering disappointing news while maintaining satisfaction by offering viable solutions like pre-ordering or notifying for restocks. Conflict resolution skills are key.

Q: Can you provide examples of upselling or cross-selling techniques that you’ve successfully employed in the past?

Share examples of how you made relevant, customer-centric product suggestions that enhanced their shopping experience and generated more sales. It demonstrates sales prowess without being pushy.

Q: How would you use social media or digital platforms to attract customers to our store and boost sales?

Showcase creative strategies for driving traffic and sales through targeted influencer campaigns, online promotions, and interactive social media content. Digital aptitude is valued.

Navigating Challenges

Sales associates frequently encounter challenges from customer complaints to technology changes. Interviewers want to know how you’ll tackle them:

Q: Could you share an instance where you had to deal with a dissatisfied customer and how did you handle it?

Share your approach to resolve complaints emphasizing active listening, problem-solving skills, and maintaining positivity. Conveying empathy and upholding company reputation are key.

Q: How would you respond if a customer compares our products with a competitor brand and considers them superior?

Highlight tactfully acknowledging their view, while emphasizing Under Armour’s unique advantages like innovative performance gear that outshines competitors. Gracefully overturning objections is important.

Q: Can you discuss a time when you had to adapt quickly to a change in a previous retail environment?

Changes happen frequently in retail. Discuss proactively exploring new systems or processes during off-hours to adapt quickly and assist colleagues. Convey your flexibility.

Q: How do you keep yourself motivated during slow business periods?

Share strategies like setting self-improvement goals, building customer relations, and viewing slower times as opportunities. Conveying your work ethic and time management abilities is key.

Analyzing Trends and Metrics

Sales associates need analytical abilities to spot trends, identify opportunities, and track metrics. Get ready for questions assessing these skills:

Q: Based on current market trends, which demographic do you think should be our primary focus and why?

Demonstrate understanding Under Armour’s target audience (for ex: Gen Z) and ability to adapt strategies based on changing consumer behaviors and industry data.

Q: How would you integrate technology into your sales strategy within a retail environment like Under Armour?

Highlight strategies like leveraging data analytics, mobile apps for omnichannel experiences, and digital platforms to engage tech-savvy customers. Tech-comfort is valued.

Q: Explain how you’d integrate technology into your sales strategy within a retail environment like Under Armour.

Discuss approaches like using CRM data to tailor marketing and services for increased customer retention and revenue growth. Loyalty program insights can boost sales.

Q: Share your thoughts on how loyalty programs can contribute to enhancing customer relations and boosting sales.

Teamwork and Leadership Scenarios

Collaborating effectively is vital for sales associates. Interviewers will assess your teamwork abilities with these questions:

Q: Discuss a time when you worked as part of a team to reach a common sales goal. What was your contribution?

Share an example of how you strategized based on data analysis to exceed targets, proving your leadership and collaborative abilities to achieve shared objectives.

Q: If selected, what is the first thing you want to learn about Under Armour’s products and why?

Convey interest in learning the unique advantages of their products as that knowledge directly impacts your ability to provide exceptional service and boost sales.

By preparing winning responses to these common questions, you’ll prove to Under Armour interviewers that you have the customer service skills, sales abilities, product knowledge and go-getter attitude to excel as their next sales associate. Bring your A-game to the interview and you’ll be well on your way to landing that job!

under armour sales associate interview questions

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Sample answers to above interview questions

1. Tell me about a time when you had to deal with a big problem: “In my previous job, we launched a new product line that had unexpected production delays.” As the project lead, I quickly assessed the situation and identified the root cause of the issue. Then, I worked with our supply chain team to find other suppliers and with the production team to make the manufacturing process run more smoothly. We were able to cut down on the delay and launch the product on time, which helped us beat our sales goals. ” Why it’s Strong: This answer follows the STAR framework effectively. It clearly outlines the situation, task, actions taken, and the positive outcome. The candidate demonstrates their problem-solving skills, leadership, and ability to manage a crisis. 2. When you had to work with a difficult person, what did you do? Example Answer: “In my previous job, I had to work closely with a coworker whose way of doing things was very different from mine.” We often clashed due to our differing opinions. To overcome this, I took the initiative to schedule one-on-one meetings to understand their perspective and build rapport. I also actively sought opportunities to collaborate on tasks where our strengths complemented each other. As a result, we were able to work together effectively and successfully completed several projects. What makes it strong: This answer shows that the candidate can deal with difficult situations, communicate well, and be willing to compromise. The candidate shows their emotional intelligence and resilience by talking about how they turned a bad situation into a good one. 3. Tell me about a time when you had to make a tough choice. Example Answer: “As the marketing manager for a consumer goods company, I had to make the tough choice to stop making a product line that wasn’t selling well.” This decision involved laying off several employees. I carefully analyzed the market data, customer feedback, and sales figures to come to this conclusion. While it was a tough decision, it was necessary to maintain the long-term profitability of the company. In the end, the decision made our overall financial situation much better and let us invest in new products that better met customer needs. Why it’s Good: This answer shows how analytical the candidate is, how they can make tough decisions, and how dedicated they are to the success of the company. The candidate shows their strategic thinking and leadership skills by explaining why they made the choice they did and the good things that happened as a result. 4. In what situation did you show creativity or innovation? For example: “As a product designer, I had to come up with a new line of athletic shoes that were both stylish and useful.” To make my business stand out in a crowded market, I looked to unusual places for ideas, like modern art and architecture. By trying out different colors, patterns, and materials, I was able to make a one-of-a-kind collection that both critics and customers liked. The line became a bestseller and significantly increased the company’s revenue. Good Answer: This answer shows how creative, willing to take risks, and able to think outside the box the candidate is. By talking about how their new idea helped the company’s bottom line, the candidate shows how valuable they are to the company. 5. Can you think of a time when you had to adjust to a new situation? For example: “As the project manager for a big construction project, I had to deal with unexpected problems like late deliveries of materials, new rules, and a sudden drop in the economy.” To adapt to these changing circumstances, I remained flexible and responsive. I worked closely with my team to reassess the project plan, adjust timelines, and explore alternative solutions. We were able to finish the project on time and on budget despite some problems because we communicated and worked together well. Why it’s Strong: This answer shows that the candidate is flexible, can deal with problems that come up out of the blue, and is a good leader. By talking about how they handled a tough situation well and came out on top, the candidate shows that they are resilient and can work well under pressure. 6. When did you get constructive criticism? Example Answer: “My manager gave me constructive feedback about my communication skills during a performance review.” They told me I could improve my active listening skills and that I came across as too forward in meetings at times. I took this feedback positively and saw it as an opportunity for growth. I took a class on public speaking to improve my communication skills, and I tried to pay more attention to my tone and body language in meetings. This feedback helped me become a more effective communicator and improved my overall performance at work. ” Why it’s Strong: This answer shows the candidate’s willingness to receive and act on constructive criticism. The candidate shows they want to grow personally and professionally by talking about how they used feedback to make their skills and performance better. 7. Why do you want to work at Under Armour? Example Answer: “I have always admired Under Armour’s dedication to pushing the limits of innovation and making products that help athletes do their best.” I’m really interested in how sportswear can improve athletic performance and promote a healthy lifestyle because I love sports so much. You can be sure that my skills and experience in product development and marketing would help your team. I’m especially excited about the chance to help Under Armour reach its goal of inspiring athletes around the world and making the sports world a better place. ” Why it’s Strong: This answer expresses the candidate’s genuine interest in Under Armour’s mission and their products. By highlighting their skills and experience, the candidate demonstrates their value as a potential employee. They also show that they are excited about the job and want to make a positive difference for the company.

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Why are you interested in working for Under Armour answer?

Informal Tone:- I’m a big fan of sports and fitness, and I really like Under Armour’s mission and products. I think it would be awesome to work for a company that I’m passionate about and that I believe in. Good luck with your Interview at Under Armour.

What to wear to an Under Armour interview?

What should a stocking teammate wear for an interview? What should you wear to an interview with under armor for a assistant manager position? Don’t go overboard with nice clothes. Casual clothes are safe, but if you wear athletic clothes they’ll love you.

Why should we hire you as a sales associate?

Potential Answer: “I’m interested in sales because I have great interpersonal skills and I’m passionate about providing excellent customer service. I have experience working with people in previous positions, and your company is appealing since you seem to value putting clients first.”

How do I prepare for an Under Armour job interview?

To help you prepare for an Under Armour job interview, here are 25 interview questions and answer examples. Why are you the best candidate for this position? Let’s take a look at the job description first. You will find a list of qualities and responsibilities that the interviewer expects you to be able to meet.

How much do Under Armour sales associates make?

Compared to other sports apparel retail stores, Under Armour’s average hourly starting pay of $9/hr. for a sales associates position is competitive compared to stores like Nike ($9.86) and Adidas ($10).

What skills do Under Armour sales associates need?

Under Armour sales associates are expected to have an excellent rapport with customers. This includes having up-to-date knowledge of company products. Associates must also have strong communication skills. You will need the ability to work well under pressure.

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