Killer Interview Questions to Uncover the Best Candidates

In the competitive job market, both employers and applicants need to bring their A-game to interviews. Asking unique, thought-provoking questions can help employers identify the best candidates, while allowing job seekers to evaluate if the company and role are a good fit. This article explores killer interview questions that employers and applicants should consider to make the most of this crucial interaction.

Unique Interview Questions for Employers

As an employer, you want to go beyond the surface-level responses and gain deeper insights into a candidate’s qualifications, critical thinking abilities, and cultural fit. Here are some unique interview questions to help you achieve that:

  1. “What is one misconception people have about you?” This question allows you to understand how self-aware the candidate is and how they perceive themselves.

  2. “Who at your previous place of work gave you the most energy and why?” The response can reveal the candidate’s ability to build positive relationships and what motivates them.

  3. “If you could wave a magic wand, what problem in the world would you solve and why?” This question provides insights into the candidate’s values, priorities, and problem-solving approach.

  4. “What were your most and least satisfying jobs, and why?” The answer can help you gauge the candidate’s self-awareness, growth mindset, and what they find fulfilling in a role.

  5. “Describe a project that you’re especially proud of.” This question allows the candidate to showcase their achievements, problem-solving skills, and ability to take ownership.

  6. “What have you learned most from your current role?” The response can reveal the candidate’s ability to learn, adapt, and grow professionally.

  7. “What kinds of people do you have difficulties working with, and why?” This question can provide insights into the candidate’s self-awareness, emotional intelligence, and ability to work in a team.

  8. “When have you been most satisfied in your career?” The answer can help you understand what motivates and fulfills the candidate professionally.

  9. “Who do you see as our top three competitors, or industry threats?” This question tests the candidate’s industry knowledge and strategic thinking abilities.

  10. “Can you think of a recent problem you’ve tackled in which old solutions wouldn’t work?” The response can demonstrate the candidate’s problem-solving skills, adaptability, and ability to think outside the box.

Unique Interview Questions for Applicants

As a job seeker, you want to use the interview as an opportunity to understand the company culture, the role’s expectations, and whether it aligns with your career goals. Here are some unique interview questions to ask employers:

  1. “What are some challenges this position might face?” This question shows your interest in understanding the role’s complexities and your willingness to tackle challenges head-on.

  2. “What goals would you like to see accomplished during the first three months in this position?” The response can provide insights into the employer’s expectations and priorities for the role.

  3. “Besides those listed in the job description, are there any other tasks you require this position to do?” This question helps you gain a complete understanding of the role’s responsibilities and potential scope creep.

  4. “How would you describe your management style?” The answer can reveal the company’s leadership approach and whether it aligns with your preferred working style.

  5. “How would you describe a typical day or week for someone in this role?” This question can help you envision the day-to-day responsibilities and workload.

  6. “Is this a new position? If not, why is there a vacancy?” The response can provide insights into the company’s growth, turnover rate, and potential challenges or opportunities.

  7. “What are the core objectives for this organization, and how does this job contribute to those initiatives?” This question demonstrates your interest in understanding the company’s goals and how your role fits into the bigger picture.

  8. “What’s been your best experience working here?” The answer can reveal positive aspects of the company culture and work environment.

  9. “What is the biggest challenge facing this organization?” This question allows you to gauge the company’s transparency and how they handle challenges.

  10. “What is your approach to flexible and remote working?” The response can help you understand the company’s stance on work-life balance and workplace flexibility.

Both employers and applicants can benefit from asking unique, thought-provoking questions during the interview process. These questions can help uncover valuable insights, facilitate meaningful discussions, and ultimately lead to better hiring decisions and job matches.

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What is one unique interview question to ask an employer?

Are there any tasks that this person would be required to do that aren’t included in the job description? How would you describe your management style? How would you describe a typical day or week for someone in this role? Is this a new position?

What is an intelligent question to ask an interviewer?

Do you have any doubts about my profile? Asking an interviewer if there’s something missing on your CV gives you a chance to reduce doubts, demonstrates that you can take constructive criticism and that you want to improve – valuable qualities in any employee!

What is a creative question to ask interviewee?

If you were a dessert, what would you be?” The answer to this question can give insight into how candidates see themselves and their ability to think creatively. Your ideal candidate would explain the reasoning behind their answer.

What is an example of a killer question?

Because they’re so common, candidates will more than likely have a practised answer, which defeats the purpose when you’re looking for a candid answer. Common killer questions include: Tell me of a time when you worked with a difficult co-worker. Describe a situation in which you didn’t meet a client’s expectations.

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