WordPress interview questions and how to answer them

Most Frequently Asked WordPress Interview Questions
  • What is the latest version of WordPress? …
  • Why WordPress is so popular? …
  • Why WordPress is the best CMS? …
  • How to display menu in WordPress? …
  • How many default tables are in WordPress? …
  • How many types of users Role in WordPress? …
  • How to get a website URL in WordPress?

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How Does Debugging in WordPress Work?

Let’s take a look at WordPress question and answer about debugging. First of all, we need to know that Debugging PHP code is part of any project and the debug system in WordPress is quite simple.

WP_DEBUG is a PHP constant that can be used to enable the debug mode throughout WordPress at any time. By default, it is assumed to be false so you need to set it to true in the wp-config.php file.

What are Hooks in WordPress?

Hooks are functions that can be applied to a Filter or an Action in WP and they allow you to, with modifying areas in a theme or plugin without modifying the original file.

Depending on whether you apply them to a Filter or to an Action, they are called action hooks and filter hooks.

What Are Custom Fields in WordPress?

Custom fields in WordPress can be assigned to a post for extra information. It is basically meta-data to include bits of information such as… Well, whatever you can think of. Here are some examples of custom fields:

  • Weather: Drizzle and Moderate Breeze
  • Currently reading: To Kill a Mockingbird
  • Favorite color: Green

WordPress.com vs WordPress.org – What is the Difference?

The difference is the host. With WordPress.org – you host your own website; with WordPress.com – they host it for you.

Posts and Pages – What is the Difference?

Pages are static, they are not listed by date, and they don’t use tags or categories. They are permanent and timeless (unless you delete them).

Posts are entries listed in reverse chronological order (the latest appears first). The exception is sticky posts that you can create if you want them to appear at the top.


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