30 Common H4 visa interview questions & answers

H4 visa is one of US visa types issued to nonimmigrants to visit the United States temporarily. An H4 visa is issued to the spouse and children (below 21 years) of an H category visa holder i.e. H1B, H1B1, H2A, H2B, H3 visa holders to travel to the USA with the principal visa holder. You need to prepare yourself for an H4 visa interview to get approval for the visa. Let’s go through the most common H4 visa interview questions and answers.

Sample H4 Visa Interview Questions and Answers
  • What kind of visa are you applying for? …
  • Why do you need a USA visa? …
  • Who made this appointment so that you may attend the interview? …
  • How did you get the documents necessary for the visa interview? …
  • When did the spouse receive their own visa stamping? (

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Questions and Answers About Your Spouse

Provide the Universitys name and year of graduation of your spouse. For the second question, mention the highest educational degree your spouse completed.

Do you wish to work in America?

The US administration withdrew the restriction on the work permit of the H4 visa holder. It means that individuals can work against meeting prescribed eligibility criteria. Therefore, answer this accordingly.

What are your plans to do in the USA?

Here, an immigration officer seeks an honest answer. Hence, provide a short yet truthful answer.

What is the profession of your spouse?

Provide the details of your spouses profession and the associate job description.

Does your spouse currently stay in the United States?

If the answer is yes, provide an accurate answer on the date, month and year of his or her stay.

When did your spouse receive approval for an H1B visa?

Provide the accurate approval date, month and year for an H1B visa.

With whom will you reside in the United States?

Mention that you will be living with your spouse.

Do you have your spouse’s bank statement?

Submit your spouses bank statement and receipts to the immigration officer.

What is the annual income of your spouse?

You need to submit proof to verify your answer. Hence, your answer must be honest.

Who is going to support you financially in the United States?

State that your spouse will be supporting you financially to stay in the United States.

h4 visa interview questions

Following are some sample questions that can be asked at the H4 Visa Interview. These questions are compiled from experiences shared by people on the discussion forum. Since each case is different, you must prepare accordingly. There is bound to be variations in the line of questioning during your interview. However, there are some questions that are almost always asked during the interview. The series varies with each case. Although comprehensive, please use this list of H4 Visa Interview questions only as a guideline and not the only source of information.

Was your marriage arranged or love? If arranged, who arranged it?

If anyone arranged your marriage, provide his or her details. It can be your parents, cousins or friends.

Give the answer accordingly. If it was an arranged marriage, provide the details of the person who arranged it, your parents, siblings, uncle or friends, etc.

When did you meet your spouse for the first time?

The immigration officer may ask the date you met your spouse for the first time. If you don’t remember the date, you can mention the month and year.

At which location did you get married?

Mention the city, state and country’s name where you got married.

Did you get engaged before getting married to your spouse?

If you were engaged before getting married, show the proof of the same to the immigration officer.

How much money was spent on your wedding ceremony and who sponsored it?

Furnish the details of expenditure of your marriage and mention who financed it.

Do you have any proof of your marriage being registered?

You must carry all H4 visa interview documents, including the marriage certificate, photographs, etc.

Questions about your spouse

What is the date of birth of your spouse?

Tell the date of birth of your spouse i.e. exact date, month and year.

Which university your spouse graduated from and what is the highest educational degree of your spouse?

Tell the interviewer the name of the university and the year in which your spouse graduated. Also mention the highest degree of your spouse.

What is the profession of your spouse?

Tell the interviewer the profession of your spouse. Also provide the details of your spouse’s roles and responsibilities.

What is the name of the organization your spouse works for?

Mention the name of the organization your spouse is currently employed in. Also mention the location details of the organization.

How long has your spouse been employed with the current organization?

Share the exact number of years, months and days for which your spouse has been working with the current organization.

What is the per annum income of your spouse?

Be honest when answering this question as the visa official may ask for proof to verify your answer.

Do you have the bank statement of your spouse?

Furnish the bank statement and receipts of your spouse.

Is your spouse a US citizen?

Provide the right answer.

Has your spouse applied for a Green Card in the US?

Give the answer as applicable.

Questions about H4 visa

Which visa are you applying for?

Mention directly that you are applying for an H4 visa.

Why do you want to obtain an H4 visa?

You need an H4 visa to visit the United States along with your spouse who is an H1B visa holder.

Who scheduled your visa interview?

Answer the question truthfully. If you did not make an appointment by yourself, don’t hesitate to speak the truth.

When did your spouse receive approval for an H category visa?

Share the details of your spouse’s visa approval including date, month and year.

Why didn’t you attend the H4 visa interview with your spouse?

Tell the exact reason why you didn’t attend the interview with your spouse.

The immigration officer will verify the information you provide to him or her. Once you have an idea about H4 visa interview questions, you can prepare yourself to answer confidently and get approval for the visa. As you can see in the above questions that you need to furnish certain documents to verify your answers, carefully review the documents required for H4 visa interview.

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