How to Crush Your Domino’s General Manager Interview: Top 30 Questions and Answers

Do you want to work for one of the fastest-growing quick-service restaurant chains? Domino’s Team Murph is now hiring General Managers in Training to join our management teams! We’ll give you a progressive training program while you work in a fun environment with the goal of becoming a restaurant General Manager. The perfect candidate would be experienced, enthusiastic and self-motivated excelling in the responsibilities listed below:

This is not a job posting for Domino’s Pizza LLC, Domino’s Pizza Franchising LLC, or Domino’s Pizza, Inc. It’s for a job in a store owned and run by an independent franchisee. (“Domino’s Corporate”). This means, among other things, that the independent franchisee is responsible for and will make all decisions about the store’s employees, such as hiring, firing, discipline, supervision, pay and benefits, staffing, and scheduling. Domino’s will not get a copy of any application you send in for this job opening, and they will not have any say in whether you get an interview or are hired. Further, Domino’s does not control and is not responsible for the employment policies and practices of independent franchisees. If this job posting gets you hired, the independent franchisee will be your only boss. You will not work for Domino’s.

Securing a General Manager role at the world’s largest pizza chain is no easy feat. With over 18000 stores worldwide Domino’s strives for operational excellence and customer satisfaction across all its locations.

As a General Manager, you will be responsible for overseeing an entire store’s operations, staff, and financial performance. This is a highly coveted opportunity in the restaurant industry

To help you ace your Domino’s GM interview, we’ve compiled a list of 30 of the most common and critical questions you should expect. With insights into what the interviewers want to hear and sample answers, you’ll be prepared to impress with your leadership chops and get one step closer to leading your own Domino’s store.

Let’s get started!

Top 30 Domino’s General Manager Interview Questions and Answers

Q1. Why do you want to be a General Manager for Domino’s?

This basic question shows why you want to work for the company and if you’re right for the demanding GM job. Demonstrate passion for Domino’s and leadership drive.

Example Answer: I’m really excited about Domino’s because it’s a well-known global brand and they focus on operational excellence. Beyond profitability, I’m drawn to the people management aspect of being a GM. I thrive when coaching my team to perform at their best. I’m sure I’ll be able to run a Domino’s store like a world-class business thanks to my natural leadership skills.

Q2. How would you handle an angry customer complaining about a wrong order?

GMs must defuse tense situations. Showcase empathy, problem-solving skills and commitment to high service standards.

Sample Response: I would first apologize sincerely for the error. I’d calmly listen to understand why they are upset and validate their feelings. Regardless of where the mistake happened, I’d take full accountability and offer to immediately remake or refund the order. My goal would be turning a negative interaction into a positive brand impression by accommodating the customer’s needs, even if it means taking a small loss.

Q3. How do you coach underperforming employees to meet expectations?

This reveals your management style. Share how you motivate with positive reinforcement vs punitive measures.

Sample Response: I start by having candid one-on-one discussions to understand why they are struggling and see how I can support them. I believe rewards and recognition motivate better performance versus punishment. I would acknowledge small improvements and provide training opportunities to nurture their skills. My priority is setting clear expectations paired with resources/guidance to reach them. If poor performance continues despite best efforts, I would follow proper protocols for warnings and termination if necessary.

Q4. This store had some recent security issues. How would you prevent theft and robberies?

Security is paramount. Share proactive measures you would implement.

Sample Response: My priority would be staff safety training and limiting risk. I would mandate cash drops at least every 2 hours to minimize accessible cash. Security cameras are critical, so I would evaluate needs for upgrades. Staff would carry panic buttons for emergencies. I’d ensure lighting around the store is optimal and foliage properly trimmed for visibility. Strong relationships with local police allows responsive assistance if issues occur. Taking preventative measures helps create a safe environment.

Q5. How do you prioritize tasks when facing multiple deadlines?

GM juggle competing priorities, so discuss your time management and prioritization approach.

Sample Response: When facing multiple urgent deadlines, I stay composed and first classify tasks by importance and immediately necessary ones. Delivery orders are always the top priority to serve customers promptly. Administrative work gets deferred when needed. I delegate smaller tasks when possible to free my time for priorities. Clear communication ensures the team knows what I’m prioritizing when I have a packed schedule. My goal is balancing timelines effectively while never sacrificing quality.

Q6. Describe your experience creating staff schedules and labor cost management.

Scheduling directly impacts labor costs and customer experience, so they want proven skills.

Sample Response: I have extensive experience building efficient schedules to control labor spend while supporting operations. I consider sales patterns, seasonality, and event impacts when forecasting needs. I optimize shifts to cover peak hours without overstaffing slow periods. Adhering to wage budgets is imperative, so I adjust throughout scheduling to stay within target. My scheduling consistently delivers optimal staff coverage while controlling unnecessary labor expenses.

Q7. How would you respond if a staff member came to work noticeably sick?

Food service hinges on health safety. Share your vigilance around illness protocols.

Sample Response: I would politely yet firmly ask them to go home and rest. I would notify the necessary parties to cover their shift through overtime or call-ins if needed. While they focus on feeling better, I would ensure proper disinfection protocols are followed in their workspace. I take staff illness very seriously to protect our customers and other employees from potential communicable diseases. I would follow-up about doctor’s recommendations before allowing them to return.

Q8. What performance indicators would you monitor regularly as a GM?

This shows your understanding of key store metrics that GMs analyze.

Sample Response: I would closely track sales growth, ticket times, inventory waste, labor cost, customer satisfaction and compliance to standard operating procedures. Comparing these metrics week-over-week and month-over-month reveals opportunities and issues. I’d collaborate with corporate and my management team to set targets that uphold Domino’s standards. Staying on top of KPIs allows me to make data-driven decisions.

Q9. How do you ensure food safety and cleanliness procedures are followed in a busy store?

Food safety is non-negotiable. Share your vigilance around proper protocols.

Sample Response: I set the tone on food safety from day one by emphasizing its priority in every task. I train staff thoroughly on all procedures from hand washing, to sanitizer use, to temperature logs. Leading by example, I follow every policy with consistency and coach others to do the same. My diligent monitoring through observation along with surprise audits helps sustain standards even when busy. I want food safety intrinsically ingrained in every team member rather than just a rule to follow.

Q10. Tell me about a time you successfully led a team during a high stress situation.

Proving you can guide teams under pressure reveals strong leadership skills.

Sample Response: When a blizzard hit unexpectedly one Friday night, I immediately reassured the team and devised a plan. We prepped additional dough and supplies in case we were stuck there. I had drivers take extra caution. When walk-in customers spiked, I coordinated swiftly to ensure pizzas were baked on rotation. Morale started sinking when the snow piled up, so I remained upbeat, thanking everyone for their efforts. We ended up delivering over 150 pizzas that night. My team was proud of what we accomplished together despite the challenges.

Q11. Why do you feel you’re ready to take on the responsibilities of a GM role now?

This evaluates if you have the experience and maturity for the demands of GM. Demonstrate self-awareness and eagerness.

Sample Response: With over 7 years managing shifts at Domino’s, I’m intimately familiar with store operations and standards. Recently, I’ve filled in as interim GM when needed, which has prepared me for the higher complexities of the position. I’ve also completed my business degree, expanding my financial acumen. I know stepping up will bring harder decisions, but I feel entirely ready to take on that challenge and am eager to prove myself as a GM.

Q12. How do you typically deal with stress and manage your emotions at work?

GM handle tremendous stress, so they want someone even-tempered who won’t snap under pressure.

Sample Response: I cope with stress by focusing on what I can control. When emotions run high, I take a step back to regain composure before responding. At work, I manage stress through open communication and collaborative problem-solving. I’ve also learned techniques like mindful breathing which help me stay centered in the moment. My team knows me as someone who faces challenges with positivity, never aggression. This enables me to withstand the inevitable stresses of leadership while promoting a healthy culture.

Q13. What changes would you implement if sales started to decline at this store?

This tests your troubleshooting abilities and business acumen to turn performance around.

Sample Response: My first step would be analyzing data to isolate causes, like a specific menu item underperforming. I’d survey customers on their preferences and where we fall short. Ensuring high-quality ingredients and service would address any underlying issues there. Researching local competition could reveal market forces driving declines. From there, I would propose promotions or new offerings to boost interest. Updating the store decor could generate renewed enthusiasm as well. I would collaborate cross-functionally to create an action plan for reinvigorating sales.

Q14. How would you respond if you saw a team member stealing?

Unfortunately theft happens. They want to ensure you address it properly.

Sample Response: I would document the incident thoroughly first before approaching the employee. In a private discussion, I would communicate the misconduct in a non-accusatory manner to understand the circumstances

dominos general manager interview questions

Domino’s question


What does a general manager do at Domino’s Pizza?

You will oversee day-to-day operations and productivity, build and maintain an enthusiastic staff in compliance with all Domino’s policies and standards, complete all administrative documentation necessary, monitor food and labor cost, and drive business growth.

How do you ace a restaurant general manager interview?

Prepare Your Pitch A hiring manager will likely ask you to elaborate on your skill set, personality traits, and leadership skills to see how you’ll collaborate with the team. Prepare a short pitch that covers your personal interests, professional goals, and a bit about your restaurant management experience.

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