Red Lobster Server Interview Questions: 15 Common Examples to Prepare For

Getting hired as a server at Red Lobster means you’ll be part of an exciting fast-paced restaurant environment. But first you need to impress in your Red Lobster interview.

Server interviews at Red Lobster will test your customer service skills multitasking abilities and passion for the brand. Expect situational questions that assess how you’d perform on the job.

Here are 15 of the most common Red Lobster server interview questions to help you do your best:

1. Why do you want to work as a server at Red Lobster?

Red Lobster wants to hire servers who are enthusiastic about the restaurant. When answering this question, share what excites you about working for the brand.

Mention your passion for seafood, interest in Red Lobster’s training programs, or how you’re drawn to the lively, social atmosphere. Convey genuine excitement for the opportunity.

2. What is your experience in the restaurant industry?

Talk about any current or prior serving experience you have. Discuss positions at other full-service restaurants, the responsibilities you held, and skills you gained that will translate to this role.

If you lack server experience, highlight any other restaurant jobs, relevant experience in retail/customer service, or transferable skills from other industries.

3. How would you describe your serving style?

Share the style of server you are. Bring attention to your warm welcome, careful attention to detail, teamwork, and concern for the customer experience.

You may describe yourself as trustworthy, proactive, engaging, efficient, or passionate. Align your strengths with the duties and values important for Red Lobster servers.

4. How do you handle unhappy or difficult customers?

Difficult customers are inevitable in restaurants. When asked this question, explain how you maintain patience and gracefully handle complaints. Share your process for listening, understanding issues, fixing problems, and converting dissatisfied guests into happy ones.

Give an example of a time you quickly neutralized an angry customer’s concerns. Demonstrate your commitment to customer satisfaction.

5. A large party walks in unexpectedly. What do you do?

For this situational question, say you’d quickly notify the manager to assess their staffing needs. Share how you’d approach the guests with urgency, apologize for any wait, and thank them for their patience.

Explain how you’d grab drinks, take any immediate orders, and reassure the table their business is appreciated. Emphasize calmly handling the unexpected.

6. How do you work under pressure?

Red Lobster servers need stamina to manage busy shifts. When answering this question, give examples of multitasking during your most chaotic moments serving.

Describe how you stay cool, focused, composed, and attentive to every table’s needs – ensuring no detail slips through the cracks. Convey you thrive under pressure.

7. You notice another server is swamped. What would you do?

Highlight your teamwork and support. Explain you’d ask if they need any help with side work, running food, greeting guests, or taking drink orders.

If they’re in the weeds at a table, discuss stepping in politely to see if any unmet customer needs can be addressed quickly so your co-worker can catch up.

8. How would you create an exceptional dining experience for guests?

Share your passion for making guests’ meals memorable. Describe asking questions to understand celebrations or special occasions. Discuss customizing offerings and exceeding expectations.

Give examples like surprising a birthday guest with a special dessert or complimentary appetizer. Demonstrate creative hospitality.

9. A customer complains their entrée is overcooked. What do you do?

Explain you’d apologize sincerely and offer to remake their dish immediately. Share how you’d have the kitchen rush it out and deliver it fast.

Describe how you’d go above and beyond, such as complimenting their remade meal, offering a free dessert, or giving a gift card for their next visit. Address how you’d win back their confidence.

10. How do you stay updated on our latest menu offerings and specials?

Prove you’ll take initiative to learn Red Lobster’s frequently changing menus. Discuss reading menus daily, trying new dishes often, and asking about preparation.

Share you’d sign up for any email or internal communications on menu launches and specials. Demonstrate excitement for mastering the food.

11. A customer wants to order an expensive seafood dish we are currently out of. How do you handle it?

Explain first empathizing and apologizing that their preferred dish isn’t available that day. Share you would then recommend a couple similar options on the menu you’re excited about, and offer to have the chef prepare a complimentary sample so they can try something new.

Highlight your ability to turn an unavailable menu item into an opportunity to delight guests and create loyalty.

12. Your shift is ending, but your replacement hasn’t arrived yet. What do you do?

Make clear that ensuring customers are taken care of is your top priority. Share that you’d notify the manager immediately but also let them know you’re happy to stay later until the next server arrives so service remains seamless.

Demonstrate selflessness, reliability, and commitment to the team and guests.

13. Why should we hire you as a server over other candidates?

Summarize your biggest assets. Share your years of serving experience, proven ability to deliver excellent hospitality, stellar customer feedback, teamwork, brand passion, and eagerness to make Red Lobster diners feel special.

Convey that no other candidate can contribute more to the guest experience and Red Lobster’s success.

14. Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Red Lobster wants long-term team members. Share your aspirations to still be with the restaurant, developing your hospitality skills and potentially moving into training or manager roles.

Discuss how much you’d love being part of the Red Lobster family and culture for years to come.

15. Do you have any questions for me?

Prepare 2-3 smart questions that demonstrate your engagement. Ask about training programs, growth opportunities, or the interviewer’s favorite part of working for Red Lobster.

This shows your interest and enthusiasm for the company.

Preparing responses for questions like these will prove you have the customer service attitude, teamwork, and work ethic to excel as a Red Lobster server. Be sure to practice your answers out loud. You’ll ace the interview and be serving up signature seafood dishes in no time!

red lobster server interview questions

Red Lobster Interview – Server

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