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What is HIL Testing in the Context of Automotive Application Development?

Can you introduce yourself in a few words?

My name is Gregory Rousseau, I’m a Product Owner for 3 years at AVSimulation. I’m in charge of defining the Roadmap, monitoring the progress of developments, while anticipating or listening to the present or future needs of customers. On the other hand, I follow up some projects such as SERKET, for RUAG Défense France which develops a simulator for the DGA and in which we will integrate software interfaces developed by our team.

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Can you explain the acronym HIL?

HiL is the acronym for Hardware in the Loop. A HIL device – usually referred to as a HIL bench – consists of operating a physical element (sensor or actuator) in a simulation loop.

Today, all vehicles contain ECUs which are systems defined by inputs and outputs, and which integrate control laws in charge of controlling systems (such as ADAS, air conditioning, lighting systems, etc.).

The concrete example is to be able to test an ECU on a table, before putting it in place on a vehicle. To do this, it is necessary to feed the ECU inputs with virtual measurements (from a simulation loop) and thus see the evolution of its output values. In other words, the ECU will receive information from emulated sensors and will act on actuators, or it will give instructions to other ECUs.

A simple example is the case of a gear lever of a piloted gearbox, operated by a person: a sensor will recover the position of the gearshift, and transmit the information to the ECU (driver’s gear change request). In return, and if the validity conditions are verified, the latter will activate a gear change system. For such a system, the HIL bench can be used to test and validate either the shift sensor and/or the gearbox actuator.

The examples related to ADAS are often more complex, involving different sensors (real or simulated) and a computer that will eventually proceed to the fusion of multi-sensor data to validate the choice of a set point.

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What is Automation testing?

Automation Testing is a technique using an automation tool to write and execute tester’s test scripts and cases.

The main goal of Automation Testing is to reduce the number of test cases to be run manually and not eliminate Manual Testing altogether.


What types of problems can HIL test benches solve?

HiL benches can be used to test ECUs (Electronic Control Units) with integrated control laws or sensors. This is entirely related to the emergence of electronics in the automotive field: previously, mechanical tests were sufficient.

What is HIL test?

In the automotive industry, hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) refers to a method of testing and validating complex software systems on specially equipped test benches that receive data inputs from physical devices such as radars and cameras.

What is dSPACE HIL?

The dSPACE Hardware-in-the-Loop (HIL) test system based on dSPACE’s SCALEXIO technology is a modular and powerful platform for testing autonomous driving HPCs in closed-loop and open-loop simulation.

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