News Reporter vs. News Anchor Salary: What’s the Difference?

News reporters and news anchors are two important roles in the media industry, and it’s no surprise that their salaries can differ greatly. With the ever-evolving media landscape, it’s important to understand the current salary trends for these two positions. This blog post will explore the differences in news reporter vs news anchor salary in the current market. We will also discuss the factors that can affect these salaries, such as experience, location, and industry. By examining these elements, we can gain a better understanding of how salaries are determined in the media industry. Finally, we will touch on the potential job opportunities for both news reporters and news anchors. By the end of this blog post, you should be able to determine which position is more financially viable for you.

A news reporter earns an average annual salary of $32,774 per year . Employers of news reporters often provide life, health, dental, disability and vision insurance. Other benefits may include partner benefits, employee discounts and paid time off. An anchor earns an average annual salary of $34,416 per year .

What is a news anchor?

A journalist who presents news and events on a media broadcast is called a news anchor. They provide live commentary while reading scripts from a teleprompter. They occasionally cover breaking news in addition to their regular programming and work on special project series or investigations. Newscasters are employed by either a regional or national TV network. Some common news anchor responsibilities include:

What is a news reporter?

A news reporter, also known as a correspondent, is an expert who gathers data and news to alert the public to significant events. In order to write news articles for print publications, news websites, and radio or television stations, they must conduct research and interview sources. Some news reporter job duties include:

What’s the difference between news reporter and news anchor salaries?

Following are some variables that may affect news anchors’ and reporters’ salaries:



Earning potential for news professionals can also be influenced by their level of experience in the field. Employers frequently prefer to hire reporters and anchors who have already gained some experience, whether through internships or entry-level positions. Working with a college newspaper, television station, or radio station is another example of this.

News reporters can present developed portfolios of published articles to hiring managers to highlight their experience, and anchors can present reels of on-air work. With more expertise in either of these two roles, a person might be eligible for higher pay.


The type of business that employs news reporters and news anchors also has an impact on their pay. Larger networks typically pay their employees more than more modest local networks. These professionals frequently start out in smaller companies before moving up to bigger ones. The kind of media one works for can have an impact on a news reporter’s pay as well. Professionals working for newspapers or other forms of print media frequently make more money than those in the TV and radio broadcasting industries.


Normal undergraduate degrees in communications, journalism, broadcasting, or English are earned by news reporters and news anchors. Those looking for a higher salary might also think about pursuing a master’s degree in a related field to further their education. Professionals can focus on a particular area of expertise while reporting thanks to advanced education, such as sports or environmental reporting

Name recognition

The public’s ability to recognize either a news anchor or report subsequently influences their pay. Employing professionals with a large following and popularity can help networks increase their ratings. These professionals may have more negotiating power than entry-level professionals when negotiating their contracts because doing so also helps a station attract more advertisers. Large social media followings can be advantageous for either of these professionals as it increases the exposure of their businesses and gives them a platform to share their stories.

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Do news anchors make more than reporters?

News reporters’ pay varies greatly and is lower than that of news anchors. In March 2021, PayScale. com stated that the median annual salary for news reporters was $43,000. News reporters and news analysts are grouped together, according to the BLS.

Which is better anchor or reporter?

When contrasting the two careers, an anchor’s position is more prestigious and well-paid. The qualifications needed to become an anchor are distinct from those needed to become a reporter. A person should be attractive or have a positive personality to become an anchor because viewers are more likely to see his face.

How much do most news anchors make?

Salary Ranges for TV News Anchors The median annual salary for TV News Anchors in the US is $73,257, with salaries ranging from $15,166 to $407,998. The middle 57% of Tv News Anchors makes between $73,261 and $184,050, with the top 86% making $407,998

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