A Definitive Guide to Ranks in Special Forces in the Military

Special forces are highly trained and specialized military units that are tasked with carrying out the most dangerous and important missions. They work in the shadows of conventional military operations, using their specialized skills and daring to achieve success where other units have failed. It takes a lot of courage, physical and mental strength, and training to join a special forces unit, and those who do are among the most elite members of the military. In this blog post, we’ll explore the various ranks found in special forces and discuss how these ranks are earned and their importance to the unit. We’ll also discuss the requirements and duties of each rank as well as career paths for those who aspire to serve in special operations. Finally, we’ll provide an overview of the various special forces units and their respective roles within the military.

Special Forces MOS descriptions
  • 18A – Special Forces Officer.
  • 180A – Special Forces Warrant Officer.
  • 18B – Special Forces Weapons Sergeant.
  • 18C – Special Forces Engineer Sergeant.
  • 18D – Special Forces Medical Sergeant.
  • 18E – Special Forces Communications Sergeant.
  • 18F – Special Forces Intelligence Sergeant.

What are special forces?

Special operations forces are available in every branch of the military to achieve a variety of military goals. To help increase the safety and security of the United States, these operatives frequently engage in covert, counterterrorism, and other specialized operations. Military personnel can join a variety of special operations forces, including:

What are the ranks in special forces?

Each rank in a special forces unit has obligations to aid the unit in completing its mission. The military branches and special forces ranks within them include:


The Army creates special forces teams comprising 12 team members. Each member plays a crucial part in the team and contributes to its success as a whole. The special forces ranks in the Army include:

Air Force

Members of the Air Force Special Operations Team are ranked as follows:


The ranks Navy special operation team members may hold include:

Marine Corps

Although the size of the Marine Corps Special Operations Forces can vary, typically there are 14 team members. These Marines are trained in unconventional warfare, special reconnaissance, foreign internal defense, and direct action through a variety of Marine training programs. The ranks each member may hold include:

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US Military (All Branches) ENLISTED Ranks Explained


Do Special Forces have ranks?

Each branch of the military has at least one special operations force that carries out difficult tactical missions. A special operations force’s teams are made up of people with varying ranks, levels of experience, and job responsibilities.

What positions are in the special forces?

Offensive raids, demolitions, reconnaissance, search and rescue, and counterterrorism are some of these activities. Special forces members frequently receive specialized training in swimming, diving, parachuting, survival, emergency medicine, and foreign languages in addition to their combat training.

What is the most elite branch of Special Forces?

US Navy Seals The US Navy Seals are highly skilled and trained in the air, on land, and in the sea, making them one of (if not the) most well-known Special Ops groups.

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