Texas Roadhouse Interview [+Includes Best Answers]

Texas Roadhouse Interview – Server

Q4. What can you cook best or make the best version of?

You need to think of a perfect answer here, as it is a general question where they are going to test your ability and try to find that how much you are aware of cooking and at the same time how innovative you are on the grounds of preparing a dish. This question entirely depends on your skills and experience in cooking and flavors. Just tell whether it is a normal delicacy or a highly complex dish, what matters is how confidently you explain it and share your experience with the panel.

Q5.  In the coming five years, where do you see yourself standing?

This question will judge your capability, how dedicated you are to your work and what are your plans for the future or you just came here with the flow without any planning. So if you actually have planned something you will have a long vision for your career.

They will see the skills in you that you curiously want from this company and how dedicatedly you will work here and provide the company with the best results. As it wanted to see your growth in the company so that you can excel in life and expect the same answer by your side. As 5 years is a big commitment but you have to show this confidence and answer likewise.

To help you prepare for a Texas Roadhouse job interview, here are 30 interview questions and answer examples.

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  • The customer is always right has been a long-standing mantra for service-based organizations. Do you agree with this mantra? Why, or why not? The interviewer would like to see you respond positively. If possible, take a look at the company website to see what their mantra or customer service statement is.

    “Although I believe that the customer is not always right – its important to treat them as though they are. Within the limitations of health and safety, etc.; I believe its best to accommodate the customer within reason.”

    “Some customers are quite impossible to please so I would not go so far to say that the customer is always right. With that said, I do treat every customer with the utmost respect and do put their needs first in all reasonable situations.”

    Explore expert tips and resources to be more confident in your next interview.

    Q2. How do you get to know about this position?

    This question is totally dependent on your thought process and the kind of research you have done. The company is keen to know things about the company and what knowledge people have about their company. So you need to tell everything you know about the company and show your excitement so that they will consider you as an active participant of the company. You don’t need to tell long details, just begin by answering their question and add certain points to it. So that they can feel satisfied.

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