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37. What is Pair Programming and what state its benefits?

Pair programming is a technique in which two programmers work as a team where. One programmer writes code and the other one reviews that code. They both can switch their roles.


Knowledge transfer is smooth: One experience partner can teach another partner about the codes and techniques.

Code quality: As the second partner simultaneously reviews the code, the chances of mistakes being occurred will reduce.

Modifying code without a change in its functionality to improve the performance is called refactoring.

32. What is the difference between Agile Vs DevOps

The differences between Agile vs DevOps are:

Features Agile DevOps
Usage Developing Software Deploying software
Developer tasks Every person can handle all the tasks Separate teams for operations and developments
Performance Since every developer can progress the task, the agile approach is preferred Teams need to communicate in order to proceed to the next step
Communication Scrum-based approach to communicate Regular meetings are held
Programming knowledge Much needed as it includes development Deployment needs less programming knowledge when compared to the development
Focus Quality focussed software development Improve deployment frequency

14. What is the right moment to use the agile model?

There are specific developments and methodologies that can use Agile like crystal methodologies, lean software development features that drove growth, and dynamic development.

  • Work category allocation – the work category allocation will provide a clear idea about where you are investing your time and also about the priority of the work.
  • Defect removal awareness – active members can produce quality products.
  • The cumulative flow diagram -It is the uniform workflow checked in which the x-axis represents time, and the y-axis stands for the number of efforts.
  • The sprint burndown matric – Helps in keeping track of the completion of the work with the sprint.
  • Business value delivered – this is an entity that is concerned with the work efficiency of the team. It is used to measure, and 100 points are associated with every project.
  • Time coverage – The time period is measured with the help of the ratio of the number of lines of code that is called by the test suite by the number of relative lines of codes.
  • Defect resolution time – This is concerned with the process where the team members detect and fix bugs. There are several processes involved in fixing a bug.
  • Clearing the picture of the virus
  • Schedule a fix
  • Fixation of a defect is done.
  • 24. What is Scrum? Write its advantages.

    Scrum is a lightweight process framework that helps scrum teams to work together and manage product development to deliver products in the shortest time. The product provided by the scrum team in the shortest period is known as a print. Its main aim is to manage tasks within a team-based development environment. It is especially used to manage project development for software products and can also be used in business-related contexts. Advantages of Scrum

  • Releases product quickly to users and customers
  • Ensures effective use of time and money and therefore saves cost
  • Best suited for fast-moving development projects
  • Ability to incorporates changes as they occur
  • Emphasizes creativity and innovation to increase business value
  • Large and complex projects are divided into small and easily manageable sprints
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